Romania & Bulgaria

11th September - 11th October 2017(30 nights)pdfdownload


Undiscovered countries, beautiful countryside and Dracula

Take a journey through two of Eastern Europe’s least explored countries and see them before too many others discover their charms.

This tour escorts you to the old & the new, the cities & the countryside and along the picturesque coastline of the Black Sea.

We visit Transylvania with its medieval towns, rolling hills and Dracula castles; central Romania homeland to Ceausescu’s communist regime; Bucharest a thriving modern-day city and finish up relaxing by the beach; and that’s just Romania.

In Bulgaria see the home of its first kingdom and today its historic centre in Veliko Tarnivo; learn about how and where 70% of the worlds Rose Oil production comes from; taste wines and brandy as we tour a prestigious Bulgarian winery before finishing up in its most rural corner for two geographical wonders.

During 30 days of adventure you will experience the real countries and throughout enjoy local cuisine with an above average amount of group meals included, certainly don’t expect to be cooking much whilst on this tour!

Romania & Bulgaria Tour Map

Day One – Monday 11th September
Welcome to Hungary where we meet at a good quality campsite. You should plan your arrival early afternoon as this evening we have a welcome drinks reception and tour briefing.

Day Two – Tuesday 12th September
Our drive today brings us to our first stop in Romania. 210 miles

Day Three – Wednesday 13th September
We arrive in Transylvania and Dracula land! To celebrate our arrival we have a group meal this evening, our first taste of Romanian food and wine. 120 miles

Day Four – Thursday 144h September
Today begin your connection with Dracula as we visit Sighisoara, birth place of Vlad Dracul. However Sighisoara, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is more than just about Dracula and our English speaking guide will help us appreciate its charms. Lunch will be taken in a central restaurant and later everyone will have free time for a wander.

Day Five – Friday 15th September
Being in the Romanian salt rich region of Sovidek, our campsite is ideally located for our group visit to a nearby salt mine, complete with underground church and coffee bar. For lunch we use a restaurant near ‘Bear Lake’ where the salt content is so high it’s supposedly impossible to drown!

Day Six – Saturday 16th September
A completely free day but if you’re looking for things to do local shops and restaurants start from just outside our campsite.

Day Seven – Sunday 17th September
Drive to Brasov, a city of Baroque ramparts. 120 miles

Day Eight – Monday 18th September
This morning we are transported to Brasov for an English guided tour of the cities Baroque quarter. We have lunch in Brasov’s old centre followed by free time for you to explore this fascinating quarter at your own pace.

Day Nine – Tuesday 19th September
Our ‘Dracula’ experience continues today with a visit to Bran castle, every bit a vampire’s home.

Day Ten – Wednesday 20th September
We travel from Brasov to arrive in Romania’s capital, Bucharest. En-route you have an opportunity to independently visit ‘Peles Castle’ – Romania’s best preserved palace. 110 miles

Day Eleven – Thursday 21st September
Collected by coach from our campsite we have a full day in the capital. We visit Ceausescu’s Civic Centre, his monument to communism and have a guided tour of his infamous Parliament Palace. Requiring 100,000 workers to construct its 1,100 rooms, its size is second only to the Pentagon. Lunch today is in an authentic city restaurant dating from the 1800’s.

Day Twelve – Friday 22nd September
Today brings us to Romania’s coast and the Black Sea. Our campsite is ideally located in a family resort with many shops & restaurants close by, and the beach is within easy walking distance. 190 miles

Day Thirteen – Saturday 23rd September
A free day.

Day Fourteen – Sunday 24th September
We go to Bulgaria today but not yet with our motorhomes. Our destination is Balchik Palace – summer residence of Queen Marie of Romania (Grand Daughter of Queen Victoria). When the Palace was built in 1924 this region belonged to Romania, only later transferring to Bulgaria. We visit the palace and its lovely gardens before taking lunch in ‘The Guestroom of the Queen’ where little has changed since Queen Marie was welcoming her own guest’s years before.

Day Fifteen – Monday 255h September
Now we do take our motorhomes to Bulgaria and its Black Sea resort of Obzor. Tonight we celebrate our Bulgarian arrival with an evening of traditional food and drinks in the campsite’s own restaurant. 120 miles

Day Sixteen – Tuesday 26th September
Today has been left free. Maybe you will decide to relax on the sandy beach, just 200m from our campsite.

Day Seventeen – Wednesday 27th September
A later start this morning for a visit to Nesebar. Harbouring the coast’s best 19th century wooden architecture, a number of unique medieval churches and cobbled streets Nesebar is just perfect for a few hours of leisurely meandering.

Day Eighteen – Thursday 28th September
We leave the coast going inland to Veliko Tarnovo. Medieval Veliko Tarnovo was the first capital of Bulgaria’s Second Kingdom and the chosen location for the drafting of the Republic’s constitution. 180 miles

Day Nineteen – Friday 29th September
Transport is arranged for time in Veliko Tarnovo, including a group visit to the Tsarevets (castle).

Day Twenty – Saturday 30th September
A free day, maybe you will choose to relax by the campsite pool. Early evening we visit Arbanasi, Bulgaria’s most wealthy village. We have arranged some sightseeing followed by dinner in an Arbanasi Tavern.

Day Twenty-one – Sunday 1st October
This morning we are treated to a brunch breakfast in the campsites own coffee bar – a perfect start to a relaxing day. Afterwards you may decide to experience some Bulgarian rural life with a wander in the nearby village of Dragizhevo.

Day Twenty-two – Monday 2nd October
We drive the scenic ‘Shipka Pass’ to arrive at Kazanlak, deep in Bulgaria’s ‘Valley of the Roses’. It is here 70% of the world’s rose oil production originates. En-route you may visit Etar rural museum and Shipka’s freedom monument. 75 miles

Day Twenty-three – Tuesday 3rd October
Today starts with a visit to sights commemorating Bulgaria’s heroic 1877 victory over the Turks giving the country its independence. The remainder of the day is dedicated to the rose where we’ll see rose oil production and learn local traditions linked to its oil. Later we have an evening of singing & dancing and dinner & wine in celebration of the rose harvest, just as in centuries past.

Day Twenty-four – Wednesday 4th October
A free day. You may do nothing or perhaps choose to visit Kazanlak. Being 3 miles from our campsite regular buses pass the campsite to the town centre, alternatively there is a direct cycle & walking path.

Day Twenty-five – Thursday 5th October
Drive to a prestigious Bulgarian wine producer where we park overnight and use our own motorhome facilities. During the afternoon we have a guided tour of the winery with wine tasting and the opportunity to purchase those we like – you will be surprised how good Bulgarian wine is. In the evening we meet in the winery restaurant for dinner accompanied by wine and Rakiya (Bulgarian national spirit also produced in the winery). 65 miles

Day Twenty-six – Friday 6th October
Leaving the winery our route takes us North West to the rural region of Belogradchik. 195 miles

Day Twenty-seven – Saturday 7th October
Today is given over to two geographical features of this fascinating Bulgarian corner. We visit Magura Cave (note access to the cave is via a steep staircase so may not be suitable for all) and Belogradchik town, centre of the region’s charming rock formations where we also have a rural lunch included.

Day Twenty-eight – Sunday 8th October
A longer journey as we leave Bulgaria returning to Romania and the enchanting city of Timisoara, birthplace of its 1989 revolution. Moving from Bulgaria to Romania we cross the 2013 constructed Danube border bridge. 245 miles

Day Twenty-nine – Monday 9th October
Throughout the morning we have a guided tour of Timisoara’s historic centre, followed by lunch in a city restaurant. Later you can choose if you wish to visit the informative but moving ‘Museum of the Revolution’ or simply have free time in the city.

Day Thirty – Tuesday 10th October
Our last day has been left free until the evening. You may do nothing or, being an easy walk from our campsite, you can visit the Open Air Museum recreating Romanian rural life from years past. In the evening we have our ‘Farewell Dinner’; a time to eat and drink as our tour nears its end.

Day Thirty-one – Wednesday 11th October
Today our tour ends.


Motorhome with 2 people = £0000 per person
Motorhome with 1 person = £0000



  • 29 Campsite nights with hook-up
  • 1 night parking at winery
  • Transport for Excursions/Events as per the Itinerary
  • Entrance Fees as per the itinerary
  • Tour information pack with suggested routes + GPS Co-ordinates
  • Services of Tour Director’s travelling in their own motorhome

Excursions, Events & Meals

  • Welcome Reception & Tour Briefing
  • Welcome to Romania meal with wine
  • Visit to Sighisoara with Lunch
  • Visit to Salt mines with ‘Bear Lake’ Lunch
  • Brasov city tour with city restaurant Lunch
  • Visit to Bran Castle
  • Bucharest city tour including city restaurant Lunch
  • Balchick Palace visit with ‘Queens guest room’ Lunch
  • Welcome to Bulgaria Dinner with wine
  • Trip to Nesebar
  • Veliko Tarnivo city visit
  • Visit to Arbanasi including local tavern Dinner with wine
  • Campsite Brunch Breakfast
  • Rose oil tour including Dinner with wine
  • Tour and tastings at Bulgarian winery
  • Dinner with wine & rakiya at Bulgarian winery
  • Magura Cave and Belogradchik visit including rural lunch
  • Timisoara city tour including city restaurant lunch
  • ‘Farewell’ Dinner with wine

This tour starts in central Hungary but if you would like to travel from the UK at the same time as the Tour Director on the outward journey, please book the optional tour package so that everything can be arranged on your behalf


  • Return Dover/Calais Ferry with 60-day Flexible Ticket + Club Class Lounge
  • 7 x additional Campsite nights with electric hook-up in Kent on Monday 4th September followed by Belgium, Germany, Austria and Hungary.
  • Dinner in German campsite
  • Complementary Spa access in Hungary
  • Tour information pack with suggested routes + GPS Co-ordinates
  • Services of Tour Directors travelling in their own motorhome


Motorhome with 2 people = £000 per person
Motorhome with 1 person = £000