Why should I book an Escorted Tour?

Escorted motorhome tours are the perfect way to experience the freedom your motorhome offers you, but with the support of experienced Tour Director’s. We have made all the arrangements in advance, so you have no planning worries. Our comprehensive tour pack will be sent to you around 4 weeks before the start of your tour and supply you with essential travel information, all campsite details, maps & GPS co-ordinates. We offer a clear, organised itinerary with excursions, group meals and free time all built-in so that you can enjoy the company of like minded people as you discover new and interesting places on your holiday.

Who will be the Tour Directors for my tour?

We are fortunate to have a great team of Tour Directors who are all very experienced and passionate about leading group motorhome tours, each tour is escorted by a couple in their own motorhome who are with you from start to finish. At the start of each year our tours are agreed with each set of Tour Directors, whilst we anticipate this to stay the same it could be in exceptional circumstances changed. Most notable if the Tour Directors are unable to take the tour due to personal circumstances, another set of Tour Directors would take charge of the tour. Being a team rather than a ‘single couple’ allows us to provide this assurance and guarantees your tour continues.

When should I book a tour?

Our tours are thankfully very popular with peak booking time being the summer and autumn of the year before the tour runs. Our tours can easily start to become sold out well before Christmas so it’s better to book as soon as you’ve decided which tour(s) you would like to join, with most tours having a limit of 15 guest motorhomes. When you book you do so in confidence of knowing your tour will never be available cheaper than the price you pay; we guarantee the price you pay is the lowest the tour will ever be offered for.

How has Covid-19 impacted on tours?

Covid-19 had a big impact on travel throughout 2020 and in to a part of 2021, which resulted in there being no alternative but for some tours to be cancelled. In any situation of a tour being cancelled by GB Motorhome Tours (for any reason including Covid-19 ) then all money paid directly for that tour becomes fully refundable or transferable at that time. Where a tour has to be cancelled, GB Motorhome Tours will try to offer a substitute tour wherever possible, so participants can then choose to continue to enjoy a holiday or select to have a full refund. Throughout 2021, where some longer continental tours had to be cancelled, all tour participants from these were offered alternative closer to home tours.  Until the arrival of Covid-19, GB Motorhome Tours had never cancelled a tour and it is not something we do lightly, however, when it is no longer safe or sensible to continue, GB Motorhome Tours will take the decision to cancel a tour. Throughout 2020 and 2021, where tours proceeded, it was also recognised that travel may not have been for everyone at that time. In consideration of this, all tour participants were given the choice of travelling for their tour or the option to delay their travel to a later date, with a complete transfer of their tour money. During 2022 travel returned to a more normal and all tours proceeded as planned. However, it continued to be recognised that travel may still not have been for everyone, so the offer to delay travel with a complete transfer of money remained in place throughout the first half of 2022. In 2023 all tours ran as planned and it is anticipated that Covid-19 will not impact on tours going forward. However, should this change, GB Motorhome Tours remains committed to offering as much flexibility as possible to all tour participants; to offer choices for travelling or to delay this to a later date.

What happens if the tour of my choice is full?

We have a reserve list for each tour, so if you would like we can hold your details and should a place become available due to cancellation we will contact you.

Is my money protected?

Yes. GB Motorhome Tours complies with all the 1992 Package Tours Regulations in particular all money paid by you is fully secured. To provide this security, until your tour is completed, all your money is held in a customer trust account with HSBC in the UK, giving you total peace of mind that from the payment of your deposit through to the completion of your holiday your money is safe. In addition to this protection, GB Motorhome Tours also has full Tour Operator Liability Insurance to the value of £5,000,000.

Are the tours fully escorted?

All tours are fully escorted for the duration as stated in the itinerary. Tours commence and terminate at various locations throughout Europe, with all tours also having the option to start from the UK. Starting in the UK is a particular benefit we offer and can be very reassuring if you have not ventured onto the continent much previously or wish to have everything organised for you. At the end of the tour, our Tour Director’s can assist if you require help with planning a route to return to the UK.

Do the tours include excursions and events of interest?

Yes, our tours are very much more than just taking you to a campsite and leaving you there. On average 50% of time at each campsite is used for excursions put together personally by our Tour Directors whilst researching every aspect of the tour. These are arranged to a very high standard and will include everything to make sightseeing easy. We arrange the transport, local tour guides and cover entrance fees. There is no thinking ‘I would love to see …. but getting there from the campsite without taking my motorhome is difficult’, our transport mostly collects and returns us to the campsite. You will not miss the best places to see and you’ll benefit from having a knowledgeable local guide included on most excursions. Many tours also include special events of interest, often all or part of these events are not generally available to the public but arranged especially for our group.

How many motorhomes can I expect on my tour?

Group sizes are typically between 10 and 15 motorhomes.

Are tour groups a mix of motorhomes and caravans?

No, our tours are designed for motorhomes, generally they move on quicker than suits caravans. Being specifically for motorhomes we take into account most motorhomers prefer not to move their van once pitched on site  and do not have access to their own transport. We select campsites close to attractions, with good public transport links and arrange excursions with all transport included.

Are tours also suitable for single travellers?

Yes, on most tours there are usually some single travellers, both female and male. All tours are equally suitable for single travellers and couples.

What is included in the cost of my holiday?

Everything detailed in the itinerary ‘as included’, most notably all campsites, excursions & meals that form part of the itinerary; full tour pack containing all the information for travelling on the continent and tour programme including campsite directions, maps & GPS co-ordinates. Also throughout the tour the services of our Tour Directors and our UK based office team there to provide support should this be needed. This is particularly important should there be an instance whilst you are away which stops you from being able to be with the tour group and our Tour Directors.

What is not included in the cost of my holiday?

There are a number of items which are not included in the tour price, the most common being personal food and drinks other than that detailed as included in the itinerary, fuel for your motorhome, any activity that is designated as “optional” within the tour, motorway tolls, vignettes & inter-island ferries, plus all costs on your return journey to the UK from the stated end of the tour.

Are cross channel ferry tickets included and what type of ticket will I get?

Most of our tours start on the continent with an optional travel from the UK package. If the tour starts in the UK or you choose the optional travel from the UK package you will have included a Dover to Calais return ferry ticket. This is a P&O Flexible Ticket with Club Class Lounge included both ways. If you would like to travel via another P&O route, notably Hull to Rotterdam please contact us as we can substitute Dover to Calais for this at a supplement cost. If the tour starts on the continent and you book just the tour then no Dover/Calais ferries are included. Having the choice to start in the UK or on the continent gives you the flexibility to choose the best arrangements for you.

What will the campsites be like?

Across Europe the campsites vary, we always use the best campsites in the areas that we include on each tour. Please travel with an open mind and do not expect that everything will be the same as found in the UK. A major reason for travelling abroad is to see and experience something different. Electric hook-up are included for you at all campsites where these are available.

What Travel Insurance do I need?

You must take out travel insurance suitable for your needs, this should include cancellation cover and cover for any events you plan to arrange independently of the tour itinerary. We strongly advise that you also take out vehicle breakdown cover for the countries being visited on the tour.

What if I need to cancel?

Please read our Terms & Conditions, item 5 details this fully. Our standard terms are; cancellation more than 70 days before tour start date loss of deposit, 70-32 days before tour start date 50% of total price, less than 32 days before tour start date 100% of total price. Providing cancellation was an item covered by your travel insurance then these costs would be recoverable.

I would like to take my Pet:

It remains possible post Brexit to take your pet into mainland Europe. Further information can be obtained from www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad. Please advise us if wishing to include a pet before booking and we can tell you whether the tour is suitable or not. Please note pets may only be carried if you are in agreement with our pets policy.

I have Special Health Needs:

If you have a special request, for example dietary requirements, mobility etc., we will always do our best to help. Your personal needs will always be passed onto our suppliers who we will request to assist you, however we are unable to guarantee your needs can be accommodated at all times.

Do I need any special equipment for driving in Europe?

Not so much special but you must comply with the regulations of the countries being visited most notably you are required to carry a reflective jacket/waistcoat for each person travelling, warning triangles, headlamp deflectors & display a GB sticker. For specific country information visit any of the major motoring organisations websites for up to date information.

In summary what are the major benefits of a GB Motorhome Tours holiday?

The following are customer comments on what they like about our tours.

  • We travel knowing your Tour Directors are on hand to offer any assistance required
  • Our motorhome pitch is awaiting us upon arriving at the campsite, usually with little check-in procedure as you have looked after this in advance of our arrival
  • We make one booking with you and everything else on the tour is looked after for us
  • Your tours are much more than just taking us to a campsite and leaving us there. Included in every tour are organised excursions with local transport, tour guides and entrance fee’s all included – no need to move our motorhome off site
  • Each tour includes a number of quality group meals, a chance to enjoy local cuisine and wines in like-minded company
  • A comprehensive printed tour pack is sent around one month prior to departure, containing all the information for the tour – campsite details including GPS co-ordinates, route planning, excursion programme, group meals and general information for continental touring, making planning for our holiday easy
  • You include Michelin maps covering the area of the tour within the tour pack, and for most tours, also the DK Eyewitness guide book for the country being visited