January and the 2022 tours are underway

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

January and the 2022 tours are underway with 14 motorhomes having left from the UK at the start of the year and are now touring in the Canary Islands, where they enjoy ideal motorhoming weather of sunny days and temperatures in the 20’s.

Motorhoming in Tenerife January 2022

The Canary Islands are well known for their warm winter climate but are usually overlooked for their culture and heritage interests, on the GB Motorhome Tours Canaries Islands trip both really are covered. If you would like the possibility to experience this next winter, send us an email to register your interest in the next tour. The tour itinerary will then be sent to you ahead of it being made generally available, giving you first opportunity of booking a place on the tour if you so wish at that time.

At this time, all of the GB Motorhome Tours holidays arranged for this year are scheduled to proceed as planned, with GB Motorhome Tours doing everything possible to keep this on track. Those with tour bookings are being updated on their tours as information becomes available and regular updates will be sent to all booking holders as the start of their tour gets closer. In the meantime, feel free to contact us if there is anything you wish to ask about a tour you hold a booking on.

For all holidays, GB Motorhome Tours offers the option for participants to start their tour on the continent or directly from the UK. This gives full flexibility for individuals to choose which works best for them. In the current climate where travel is less certain and things can change at short notice, there is a real advantage of having everything arranged in one place, including your travel from the UK. This means should anything require changing this will be looked after for you, and in the event that the tour should not be able to proceed, everything is covered in one place. If you have a 2022 tour booking which currently doesn’t have the optional travel from UK with Tour Directors package included and you would now like to add this, it remains possible to do so at this stage. Send us an email requesting the optional package be added to your booking and this will be done for you, with a confirmation email sent. Full details of each tours optional package can be viewed at the end of the tours itinerary on the GB Motorhome Tours website.

January can be a time for planning holidays. Whilst many of the GB Motorhome Tours for 2022 are now fully booked, there remains limited availability on the following tours

•    Scotland Highlands and Royal Deeside
•    The French Atlantic Coast
•    Rhine in Flames Spectacular
•    Magical Bruges and Amsterdam

Full tour itineraries for each of these can be viewed by clicking on the above names and the remaining places are available to book on the GB Motorhome Tours website. Tours for 2023 will begin to be made available over the next couple of months and these will feature on the GB Motorhome Tours website and future monthly newsletters.

January can also be a good time to get things prepared and ready for travels later in the year. For continental travel GB Motorhome Tours recommends all UK travellers have with them the European Health Insurance Card, known by many as the EHIC or E111. Whilst the card has now changed names to the Global Health Insurance Card or GHIC, the scheme itself remains as comprehensive as previously; where importantly it covers all emergency medical treatment in EU member countries. If you already have an EHIC (plastic bank style card) these remain valid until the expiry date, when they can upon application be replaced with a GHIC. To apply for a GHIC click on the following link. Apply for a free NHS issued Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). With the scheme covering pre-existing medical conditions, whereas most travel insurance exclude these, this is an important reason for carrying the card with you on continental tours. In addition to the GHIC, personal travel insurance continues to be required to cover the many things that the GHIC scheme does not include.

As we start another year, we wish you good travels in 2022 and we look forward to escorting you & your motorhome to many great places throughout the year.

Kindest regards,

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team

Tel. 0044 7481 479 057

December and 2021 nears an end

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

As we approach the festive season all of us at GB Motorhome Tours wish you a Merry Christmas and all the very best for the coming New Year.

Looking back over 2021 this has been a difficult year for travel, with many challenges needing to be overcome for tours to proceed. GB Motorhome Tours is not a tour operator to shy away from challenges; so using our extensive knowledge and 30+ years of experience within the GBMT team, eight tours throughout 2021 were successfully completed. These covered both continental tours and a number of closer to home destinations, with Scotland proving very popular in 2021. A common theme from all of those participating in tours during 2021 has been just how normal and good it feels to again be travelling within the comfort and safety of one’s own motorhome.

A real treat after all the Covid restrictions. Well done Nurcan and Kevin, you managed to show us Spain in a greater depth than just the tourist spots. Some magnificent scenic drives.’ Carolyn and Roger Metcalfe – A Journey Through Spain – September 2021

‘It has been a really good tour. Meals were all excellent and as things are at the moment Covid wise very well organised. We would definitely like to do another tour with GB in UK as we are now not confident about touring abroad. Faced with the Covid restrictions Liz and Dave gave us a wonderful experience in the South West.’ Valerie and Phil Steele – UK Fleeces to Flamingos – June/July 2021

‘In all the circumstances, this trip proved ideal. Euros, Kilometres and the Gaelic gave us that crucial continental air, we felt that we were abroad. Ron & Sue managed the campsites and meals brilliantly and smoothing our way at all times. The meals and venues were all up to GB Motorhome Tours standard and there can be no higher praise.’ Margaret & Joe Ratcliffe – A Journey Around Ireland – June 2021

‘There were different levels of facilities available but in no way did this give a problem. The tour was subject to pandemic restrictions but this had minimal effect on the tour atmosphere. So many thanks for a very enjoyable tour’. Barry and Di Short – Scotland Highlands and NC500 – May/June 2021

‘For us it was the first tour with GB Motorhome Tours. From all our heart we say it was the best holiday we have ever been on. All the 68 days, Kevin and Nurcan created a permanent state of safety and protection, for us to fully enjoy the entire programme of the tour. You can go to the Canary Islands on your own but I don’t think you will ever be able to feel, see, taste and enjoy so many things we lived together. We will definitely go on future tours. Very enthusiastic for our next GB Motorhomes Tour.’ Elena and Mircea Costache – Canary Islands – Dec 2020/Feb 2021

Motorhoming in the Canary Islands January 2021

As 2021 comes towards an end we look forward to 2022 with a high degree of expectation that travel will be possible for all who wish to get away throughout the year. GB Motorhome Tours have many great tours scheduled for the coming year, including two new recently introduced tours

•    The French Atlantic Coast – 22 nights throughout June/July. Travel along France’s Atlantic Coast, the itinerary for which has been carefully planned to indulge guests. Enjoy a balanced mix of organised excursions, free time and social events of lunches, dinners and get-togethers.

•    Magical Bruges and Amsterdam – 7 nights in December. Start the build up to Christmas with a great tour covering two of Europe’s best decorated festive cities. Some quality group meals included within this tour.

Both tours are now available to book, with full tour itineraries available by clicking on the above names. Bookings can be made on the GB Motorhome Tours Website.

For all tours, GB Motorhome Tours closely monitors all aspects of ongoing government advice, travel regulations and conditions affecting travel in general, with updates communicated to tour participants. GB Motorhome Tours will continue to run tours for those who wish to travel, using our experience and expertise to offer safe and sensible tours to match any changing circumstances. Feel free to contact us if you would like to ask anything regarding a tour or travel in general.

Following Brexit, most travellers will be aware that UK citizens are now limited to spending no more than 90 days out of the previous 180 days in Europe. The rules for this were covered in detail in the GB Motorhome Tours November Newsletter. For controlling this, when entering and exiting EU countries from the UK, British passport holders should now receive a date stamp in their passport. Do ensure as you arrive and depart from the EU your passport is stamped, this is important so you can prove your entry/exit dates if questioned about the length of your stays.

We hope you have an enjoyable festive season and we look forward to lots of great travel with you in 2022.

Kindest regards,

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team

Tel. 0044 7481 479 057

November and thoughts go towards future travel

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

November and thoughts go towards future travel. This is often a quiet time for travel with many people making plans for the forthcoming new year. Over the last month GB Motorhome Tours have been doing much the same, with two new tours for next year having just been released and plans well in hand for two more.

The two newly released tours are

Scotland Highlands and Royal Deeside – June 2022

A tour covering 20 nights of relaxed touring throughout the wonderful Highlands and Royal Deeside areas. Loch Lomond, Oban, Fort William, Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Royal Dornoch, Inverness, Grantown-on-Spy, Balmoral Castle and Pitlochry all feature.

Northern Italy’s Treasures – September 2022

Starting on the northern lakes enjoy 21 nights of touring through northern Italy’s best locations. Lake Garda, Pisa, Rome, The Vatican, Florence, Sienna, Bologna, Venice city and lagoon are all included.

Both tours are now available on the GB Motorhome Tours website and available to book.

The further two 2022 tours being actively worked on are both in France. There is a 14 night Normandy tour during April and a 21 night Atlantic Coast tour in June. To express an interest in these and to receive the itineraries in advance of them being made generally available please send us a simple email requesting this.

As people make plans for touring in 2022 we are being asked a lot about the post Brexit rule for British citizens being in the EU for no more than 90 days out of 180. This rule can take some time to understand, as it is assessed over an ongoing rolling 180 day period. In the simplest of definitions, it means British citizens can spend within the EU, up to any 90 days out of the previous 180 days. These days do not need to be consecutive and can be accumulated over any number of trips. For the purpose of the rule, reference to the EU refers to those countries who are members of the Schengen visa scheme, which are most EU member countries plus a few others of Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. However, there are a few EU countries who are not in the Schengen visa scheme, namely; Ireland, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria, so time in these countries does not count towards the 90 days. Also, time in non-EU countries like Turkey and Morocco is not included. Further details on the scheme can be found on the EU’s official website.

For calculating the 90 days you go back 180 days from the time you wish to check your entitlement for being in a Schengen country and add up all the days you have already spent within Schengen countries within that period. If this is less than 90 days you are fine to be there for that day. To assist with making the check there are a number of apps/calculators available on the internet. Our recommendation for accuracy is to use the one contained on the official EU website, this is found at Short-stay Visa Calculator ( If you are looking to join a tour and would like us to also make a check for you, then feel free to contact us and we’ll happily assist with this.

We have been asked if there is any way around the rule, so that more than 90 days out of 180 can be spent in the EU. The simple answer is not really. Maybe over time the situation will change, but for now it will be necessary for British citizens to stick within the permitted time; to not face a fine and possible restrictions for re-entering a Schengen country. For most people it will not be a problem as they will not get close to the permitted time, but do be aware and check yours if you are spending longer periods out of the UK.

Whilst November and winter tends to be a quieter time for motorhome travel, it can still be a good month to get away. As damper conditions are now coming about, to make your motorhome nice and dry for a forthcoming trip, run a de-humidifier in it for 24 hours before departure. This really does make a difference to how your van will feel for the start of your time away.

For a total escape of the winter, there remains one place on our Canary Islands 2022 tour. Starting in early January, take yourself and your motorhome away from the after Christmas cold for 70 nights of warmth and exploration. Full tour details available by clicking on the name above.

If there is anything you wish to ask about a tour feel free to contact us, we are always happy to assist.

Kindest regards,

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team

Tel. 0044 7481 479 057

October and there is a lot of good news around travel

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

October and there is a lot of good news around travel. Over the past month GB Motorhome Tours have completed four very successful tours; two in the Highlands of Scotland, one covering the whole of Ireland and one throughout central Spain. Reports from these tours are just how much people have enjoyed touring, once again feeling relaxed and safe throughout their time away.

Camping in the Scottish Highlands

‘A well thought out scenic spectacular route. The group meals were particularly enjoyable, good varied food in interesting locations. The campsites were busy making it difficult to always park together, but Sue and Dave who must have walked miles remained full of beans. We have certainly enjoyed ourselves immensely.’ Jean and Martin Saul – Scotland Highlands and NC500 – Sept 2021

‘We’re coming to the end of our first trip with GB Motorhome Tours and what a great trip it’s been. Karen and John have been superb hosts, giving us just the right balance of help and advice – we thank them a great deal.’ Chris and Joe Peacock – Scotland Highlands and Royal Deeside – Sept 2021

Camping in central Ireland

‘We have had a simply fantastic time Meandering Around Ireland. Ron & Sue were excellent company and great tour leaders, always available with advice and tips when needed. The campsites were in great location and we found Ireland very motorhome friendly and the people very hospitable and helpful.’ Jane & Colin Young – Meander Around Ireland – September 2021

Camping in Andalucía, southern Spain

‘We very much appreciated the professional friendly guidance of our experienced and knowledgeable tour hosts, Nurcan and Kevin. Our tour of Spain has been enjoyable and varied. Of particular interest were the excursions into the Monfrague National Park, Ronda and Madrid; all led by a host of informative local guides. Thank you for an excellent holiday.’ Simon and Helen Wood – A Journey Through Spain – September 2021 

The above reviews cover just one from each of the four September tours. Further customers reviews for these tours can be read on the GB Motorhome Tours website reviews page, along with reviews from tours spanning many previous years and destinations.

Going forward travel is getting ever more simplified again, with Covid-19 regulations continuing to be reduced. (more…)

September and it’s a great time to be touring in a motorhome

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

September and it’s a great time to be touring in a motorhome. GB Motorhome Tours presently has four tours taking place; two covering Scotland, one in Ireland and one in Spain.

Both Scotland tours have passed through the lovely western Highlands coastal town of Oban, with one group now branching off to take the NC500 route (North Coast 500 mile route), whilst the other is heading towards the castle area of Royal Deeside.

Camping Oban – Scotland Highlands and Royal Deeside tour

The Ireland tour is now travelling along the Wild Atlantic Way, a great scenic route on the west coast of the Republic, having just completed the ‘Ring of Kerry’.

Camping on the ‘Ring of Kerry’ – Meander Around Ireland tour

The Spain tour travelled directly from Portsmouth to Santander on board Brittany Ferries new ship Galicia, which really is a very pleasant way to arrive quickly to Spain and in a relaxed manner. The boat is new and very comfortable; with spacious cabins and good quality restaurants. The Spain tour is now on the Costa de la Luz (Coast of Light), having visited Noja on the Costa Verde (Green Coast), Burgos, Salamanca, Monfrague National Park and Seville, as they travelled from the north to south coasts over 10 days.

Camping Playa Las Dunas – A Journey Through Spain tour

Reports back from all tours is just how enjoyable people are once again finding travel.

With a further relaxing of foreign travel regulations having been announced by the UK Government this week, to take effect in stages throughout September and October, travel going forward is returning to a more normal. (more…)

August and the GB Motorhome Tours touring season starts again very soon

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

August and the GB Motorhome Tours touring season starts again very soon. At the end of this month our Meander around Ireland tour starts, this is then followed in September with the Scotland Highlands and NC500 tour, then A Journey Through Spain and the Scotland Highlands and Royal Deeside tours. With places available on three of these four tours (Scotland Highlands and NC500 is now full) there remains an opportunity to join a fully organised motorhome holiday for next month. The three available tours feature in more detail at the bottom of this newsletter.

Before the touring season restarts, we’re currently in the main season for the large outdoor motorhome shows. Last weekend GB Motorhome Tours were at the Norfolk show in Norwich and next weekend will be at the Western show in Malvern. Do come along and see us in Malvern, where a number of our Tour Directors will be on hand to chat and answer tour questions.

From our spring UK tours of this year a number of our Tour Directors captured some great evening sky photos over campsites included on the tours. One from the Coastal Fleeces to Flamingos UK tour, taken in Porlock, Somerset is below. More can be seen on the GB Motorhome Tours website photo page, where photos from tours over many years and in varying locations feature, take a look at

Over the last 12 months it is likely many regular travellers who had annual or regular travel insurance policies in place will have let these lapse. With travel beginning to return, now is a good time to start thinking about putting these back in place. For foreign travel a good personal travel insurance policy provides invaluable protection in the event of unexpected medical treatment being required whilst away. Travel insurance also provides the protection for claiming back money paid for holidays should these need to be cancelled for reasons beyond the policy holders control and covered by the policy. For holidaying in the UK the medical side of personal travel insurance is not really necessary as access to the NHS is available, however, having travel insurance in place is still beneficial for protecting money paid for holidays should cancellation be required. Throughout 2020 and 2021 GB Motorhome Tours have operated a fully flexible booking policy, allowing tour participants (up to the time of the tour balance payment becoming due) to freely transfer between tours or to delay travel if they have felt uncomfortable about travel at the time of their tour. This flexibility will continue going forward for as long as there remains uncertainty around travel, giving everyone confidence of knowing they can book a tour and make changes later without charge. In addition to this flexibility, GB Motorhome Tours still strongly recommends tour participants have in place personal travel insurance from the time of making a booking, as whilst we continue to offer a very high degree of flexibility, we cannot easily move bookings once the balance payment due date has passed. In this case travel insurance can step in to cover the holiday cost.


July and much touring has been taking place

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

July and lots of touring has been taking place over the last month. A Journey Around Ireland tour plus the Exmoor Coastal Fleeces to Flamingos tour have both recently finished. A common theme of customer feedback from all completed tours is just how ‘normal’ they felt things were whilst away. It can be easy to think from much of the media’s take on travel that it is all but impossible to get away, in fact this is not really the case, not even totally for foreign travel. However, what is currently required, even more so than in normal times, is that tours are planned meticulously and when done so, things can feel ‘normal’. Of the UK motorhome tour operators (including the two large clubs) GB Motorhome Tours remains the only tour operator to have offered and complete tours in 2020 and so far throughout all of 2021.

Some customer reviews from the recently completed A Journey Around Ireland tour.

’The stunning Irish scenery and hospitality, coupled with the ability to interact with the group made our first post lockdown long trip truly memorable. Thanks to Ron & Sue for again juggling changing circumstances to deliver memories and experiences for all,’ Jackie & Andy Kitchin – A Journey Around Ireland – June 2021

‘In all the circumstances, this trip proved ideal. Euros, Kilometres and the Gaelic gave us that crucial continental air, we felt that we were abroad. Ron & Sue managed the campsites and meals brilliantly and smoothing our way at all times. The meals and venues were all up to GB Motorhome Tours standard and there can be no higher praise.’ Margaret & Joe Ratcliffe – A Journey Around Ireland – June 2021

‘A great trip around Ireland considering all the restrictions at the moment. We both appreciate the input from Ron & Sue, made into making this a memorable and sociable trip. We really look forward to next years tour.’ Sue & Al Colley – A Journey Around Ireland – June 2021

The above photo is from Doolin on the Cliffs of Moher along the Wild Atlantic Way on Irelands west coast and taken during the recent Ireland tour. A further Meander Around Ireland tour is taking place throughout September and includes a 3-night stay at Doolin. There remains some availability on this tour.

Some reviews from the completed Exmoor Coastal Fleeces to Flamingos tour.

‘For our first GB Motorhomes Tour we were not sure what to expect – honestly, we had told friends and they had laughed about our ‘old people’s” trip! How wrong could they have been – we met interesting, fun and such lovely people – been chaperoned by two delightful guides, one an organiser who goes above and beyond, the other whose knowledge is like traveling with your own encyclopaedia! Jesting aside we have thoroughly enjoyed our first GB Tour – and watch this space as ‘we will be back’ and signing up for future tours. Many thanks’ Dave and Lyn Humphries – UK Fleeces to Flamingos – June/July 2021

‘Yet another fantastic GB tour. Liz and Dave went out of their way to make our stay both enjoyable, fun and informative. Dave’s amazing knowledge of all things nature added to our enjoyment with native walks and adventures even if we did get wet feet!’ Iain and Sue Munro – UK Fleeces to Flamingos – June/July 2021


June and lots of touring is taking place in good weather

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

June and lots of touring is taking place in good weather. Over the last month the Scotland Highlands and NC500 tour has been completed, A Journey Around Ireland tour is underway and the Exmoor Coastal Fleeces to Flamingos tour is just about to start. These tours offer socially distanced travel in the company of like-minded people, with all the organisation being taken care of by GB Motorhome Tours. Each tour has been personally researched and is accompanied by experienced Tour Leaders who are passionate for escorting you and your motorhome to great places.

The Scotland Highlands and NC500 tour finished this week, having travelled extensively throughout the Highlands and North Coastal 500 route over the last month, almost totally in dry conditions.

Dunvegan Camping, Isle of Skye – 01/06/2021

Some tour participants reviews from the tour.

‘Despite the restrictions of the Covid Pandemic, Kevin and Nurcan have managed to provide an all encompassing, friendly and above all, a memorable and informative tour. As usual their attention to detail is second to none and this stands out.’ Clive and Sue Swift – Scotland Highlands and NC500 – May/June 2021

‘Excellent tour with wonderful scenery and very well organised despite Covid restrictions. We were well looked after and given lots of ideas for places to see en-route and on site.’ Sue and Derek Davies – Scotland Highlands and NC500 – May/June 2021

‘Forget breakfast at Tiffany’s go for Afternoon Tea at Atholl Palace! Imagine glorious carpets of Bluebells, endless Rhododendrons, Gorse & Broom; throw in a few Standing Stones, Castles (ruined or lived in), Scenic Lochs, Dramatic Coasts, Cliffs and Sand Dunes; plus many a wee Mountain and this was our Scotland Highlands and NC500 tour. Brilliantly organised and escorted.’ Susanna and Ted Brooking – Scotland Highlands and NC500 – May/June 2021

Atholl Palace, group ‘Afternoon Tea’ 14/06/2021

Whilst all current tours being undertaken are UK based, GB Motorhome Tours is rightly known for its foreign tours.


May and touring is once again underway

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

May and touring is once again underway. This week is the start of the GB Motorhome Tours’ Scotland Highlands and NC500 tour, with tour participants meeting in a well appointed campsite at Loch Lomond.

Loch Lomond Camping – 25/05/2021

This tour is fully socially distanced allowing all to enjoy a safe holiday whilst travelling in their own motorhome. The scenery is simply stunning, which only the Highlands of Scotland can provide as part of UK touring. A repeat of this tour has just been confirmed for September this year, and this is now available on the GB Motorhome Tours website. The full itinerary is at with bookings available via the GB Motorhome Tours website.

In the next couple of weeks, the GB Motorhome Tours’ A Journey Around Ireland starts. This tour makes a complete circle of Ireland sticking mostly to the coastal areas and following much of the Wild Atlantic Way along the dramatic west coast. The tour is now fully booked so we are unable to offer any further opportunities for joining this.

A tour which currently does offer an opportunity to join, is the Exmoor Coastal Fleeces to Flamingos tour. Starting near Taunton on Monday 21 June this tour gives an opportunity to explore much of the Exmoor national park and the stunning coastline around this area.

Combe Martin, North Devon

Stays at quality campsites in Combe Martin and Porlock on the north Devon and Somerset coasts, provides ideal opportunities for relaxing whilst taking in excellent scenery all around you. From the Exmoor coastal areas the tour travels to Slimbridge and another well appointed campsite on the banks of the Gloucester-Sharpness canal, close to the River Severn. From our campsite the amazing Slimbridge Wetlands Centre is just 800m walk away and it is also possible from here to visit the fascinating Purton Ships’ graveyard. The tours full itinerary is available at with bookings via the GB Motorhome Tours website. This tour includes all the GB Motorhome Tours’ benefits of travelling with like minded people whilst having everything arranged for you, along with having the support of our great Tour Directors throughout.

For foreign touring, from Monday 17 May this is no longer subject to any UK Government legal restrictions, making it possible for those who wish to leave the UK for leisure purposes able to do so. There does however remain a number of requirements for both entering other countries and for returning to the UK. GB Motorhome Tours continues to monitor all aspects of foreign travel and keeps fully up to date with all the current regulations and requirements for foreign touring. Where planned foreign tours are safe and sensible to proceed, these will be offered for those who wish to travel at that time. All booked tour participants are kept fully updated on the position for their tours and whilst Covid-19 continues to impact on foreign travel, all tour participants are offered the chance to delay their travel to a later date if they choose travel at that time is not for them. GB Motorhome Tours commitment to providing maximum flexibility and choice for all tour participants will remain for as long as foreign travel is being impacted by Covid-19. Further tours for 2022 will continue to be added to the GB Motorhome Tours website, so keep an eye out for these. Bookings can be made in the confidence of knowing that should Covid-19 have an impact on your tour then you will have flexibility in choosing for yourself if travel is right or not for you at that time.


April and travel is once again underway

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

April and this month sees the return of UK campsites being open. The general unlocking of travel restrictions for UK citizens progresses in the right direction and it is good to once again see motorhomes moving around the country. For those who wish to travel, doing so in one’s own motorhome with self-contained facilities, offers just about the safest way to be away from home whilst remaining socially distanced and enjoying a holiday.

For UK travel, by the end of April it should be possible to freely move between all of the UK nations and stay away from home at campsites. Our 3 UK and Ireland tours arranged for this spring/summer should now proceed as planned. Whilst the tour of the Scotland Highlands and NC500 is fully booked there remains a couple of available places on the two other tours.

A Journey around Ireland

Dunmore East, County Waterford, Ireland

On this tour before you’ve travelled far you’ll be enchanted and captivated by a land that is simply Ireland. Its people and laid-back atmosphere are just wonderful for relaxed travel. Enjoy late Spring/early Summer as we tour around almost the entire coastline of both the North and the Republic over 26 nights. There will be an opportunity for visits into Belfast and Dublin, however this tour really focuses on the much more rural areas of the south and west coasts. It is here that Blarney, Bantry, The Ring of Kerry, The Dingle Peninsular, The Cliffs of Moher, Connemara and Ballina are all found, as we travel leisurely along the Wild Atlantic Way of the Republic. It’s then time to be in the North for some touring, firstly inland at Lough Macnean, where the water creates the border between the North and the Republic, and then to Bushmills on the North Coast. Here is home to the famous Bushmills Distillery and the natural phenomenon of the Giants Causeway.

UK Exmoor Coastal Fleeces to Flamingos

Combe Martin, North Devon

The meeting point for this tour is a well-appointed campsite near Taunton with easy connections from the M5. This sets everyone up well for a leisurely drive the following morning across north Devon and the Exmoor National Park, to arrive at Combe Martin on the North Devon coast. Our campsite is very well appointed and is within a few minutes walk of both the local beach and village. The campsite is also on the local bus route giving easy access to Ilfracombe in one direction and Lynton & Lynmouth in the other. From Combe Martin we travel along the coast to Porlock on the North Somerset coast, where you should take time during your stay to visit Porlock Weir and its boat shed museum. We then move to Slimbridge on the banks of the Gloucester-Sharpness canal close to the River Severn. From our campsite the wonderful Slimbridge Wetlands Centre is just 800m walk away. Also from here take the opportunity to visit the fascinating Purton Ships’ graveyard. At the end of the tour it is just a short journey from Slimbridge back to the M5 motorway.