November can be a quiet time for travel, however, at GB Motorhome Tours ….

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

November can be a quiet time for travel, however, at GB Motorhome Tours travel continues. With the Magical Bruges and Amsterdam tour just a couple of weeks from starting, and the over winter Canary Islands tour starting at the beginning of January, there remains a lot going on. For those on the Cyprus and More 2022 tour, they have just returned to the UK over the last week. This tour is a real adventure, covering 6,000 miles UK to UK, passing through 10 countries, touring the Black Sea coast of Turkey and the whole of Cyprus.

Camping Aphrodite, Southern Cyprus 23/10/2022

Cyprus is a divided Island, separated in 1974 between North and South it has only more recently become possible to cross between the two sides, particularly so with your own vehicle. With the organisation of GB Motorhome Tours, tour participants were able to take their motorhomes across the ‘Green Line’ freely and without many formalities, meaning both sides of this fascinating island could be explored, and all in great weather. Being the Mediterranean’s eastern most island, Cyprus enjoys a summer climate extending into late autumn. The Cyprus and More tour is being repeated again for next year, the tour is now fully booked but if you would like to go onto the reserve list, send us an email and this will be done for you. Some reviews from this years tour

‘GB Motorhome Tours took us to places that we would never have imagined exploring in our motorhome. Meticulously planned throughout, nothing was too much trouble for our Tour Directors, Nurcan & Kevin. Many, Many thanks.’ Ruth and John Bateman 

‘A very good tour, maybe not for the faint hearted. We felt like pioneering adventures, but always safe and secure. Top marks Kevin and Nurcan.’ Sue and John Bunning

‘The balloon ride was amazing. The tour an adventure we could never have done without the guidance of Kevin and Nurcan.’ Julie and Bill Hine 

‘This tour is an adventure where you will need to use the facilities of your motorhome. Two halves, Turkey & Cyprus, then the two parts of Cyprus (North & South) both quite different. All excellently put together by Kevin and Nurcan, well done both.’ Carolyn & Roger Metcalfe

Whilst on route to Cyprus, Turkish national TV took an interest in the groups journey. TRT, the Turkish equivalent of the BBC, filmed the group and produced a short clip which they featured in their evening news programme, this can be viewed by clicking on the link TRT Newsclip of GB Motorhome Tours in Turkey 

For next year there is another new tour that is yet to be made available, this is the Romantic Strasse 2023 tour, which will take place over the middle of September. The tour will travel along Germany’s Romantic Road taking in the great scenery that this route is rightly known for, along with the medieval fortified towns dotted along the way and the stunning Bavaria castles, including those of King Ludwick II reign. The full itinerary for the tour will be available early in December, in the meantime if you would like to pre-register your interest in the tour, to receive the itinerary in advance of it being made generally available, send us a quick email and this will be done for you.

November is a time when many people make plans for travel in the forthcoming year. With Covid travel restriction now having been set aside by all European countries, planning for future travel is much easier. Spain was the last country to remove their Covid entry restrictions, which they did on 21 October 2022. It means that all travellers, regardless of vaccination status, can now travel to all European countries without the need to produce or complete any additional paperwork. However, it is worth remembering when travelling in the EU, that post Brexit, British citizens can no longer be in the EU for more than 90 days out of 180. This rule can take some time to understand, as it is assessed over an ongoing rolling 180 day period. In the simplest of definitions, it means British citizens can spend within the EU, up to any 90 days out of the previous 180 days. These days do not need to be consecutive and can be accumulated over any number of trips. For the purpose of the rule, reference to the EU refers to those countries who are members of the Schengen visa scheme, which are most EU member countries plus a few others of Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. However, there are a few EU countries who are not currently in the Schengen visa scheme, namely; Ireland, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria, so time in these countries does not count towards the 90 days (Note: It is likely Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria will become Schengen members during 2023). Also, time in non-EU countries like Turkey and Morocco is not included. Further details on the scheme can be found on the EU’s official website.

For calculating the 90 days you go back 180 days from the time you wish to check your entitlement for being in a Schengen country and add up all the days you have already spent within Schengen countries within that period. If this is less than 90 days you are fine to be there for that day. To assist with making the check there are a number of apps/calculators available on the internet. Our recommendation for accuracy is to use the one contained on the official EU website, this is found at Short-stay Visa Calculator. If you are looking to join a tour and would like us to also make a check for you, then feel free to contact us and we’ll happily assist with this.

We have been asked if there is any way around the rule, so that more than 90 days out of 180 can be spent in the EU. The simple answer is not really. Maybe over time the situation will change, but for now it is best for British Citizens to stick within the permitted time, so as not to face a fine and possible restrictions for re-entering a Schengen country. For most people it will not be a problem as they will not get close to the permitted time, but do be aware and check yours if you are spending longer periods out of the UK.

If there is anything you wish to ask about our tours, or motorhome travel in general, feel free to contact us, we are always happy to assist.

Kindest regards,

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team

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October and two tours have recently completed whilst another is underway

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

October and two tours have recently come to an end with another still taking place.

The 2022 Croatian Highlights tour has recently finished, with all those on the tour having now returned to the UK. The weather throughout the tour was hot, with lots of opportunity to see the country as the tour travelled along the Adriatic coast as far south as Dubrovnik. Some reviews from the tour,

‘What a delightful tour you have taken us on. We would not have done it on our own. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us. Lots of experiences’ Rosemarie & James Rowe

‘This was our first GB Motorhome Tour and we had a wonderful time but it wouldn’t have happened had it not been for our great tour directors – Ron & Sue. We have been to so many lovely places, had lots of meals and had many hours of fun with our fellow travellers. Looking forward to our next tour in 2023’ Alison & Tony Watkins

‘We thoroughly enjoyed this Croatia Tour, our first with GB Motorhome Tours and we are sure that it will not be our last. Well organised Ron & Sue’ Barbara & Tony Houson

‘Thank you for a fabulous first tour with GB Motorhome Tours, looking forward to many more, felt very looked after, you both do a wonderful job’ Sharon & John Morgan

The Northern Italy’s Treasures 2022 tour has also recently finished, where they too enjoyed great weather throughout; with tour participants visiting Lake Garda, Pisa, Rome, Florence, Bologna and Venice. Reviews from the tour,

‘An excellent introduction to the glories of Northern Italy. Excellent meals and campsites in the main. Dave and Sue Stanway, attentive and experienced tour leaders with lots of suggestions for additional activities. We really appreciated being offered pitches close to the facilities building.’ Roy & Kath Tipping – Northern Italy Treasures September 2022

‘Sue and Dave were great fun and led a really good trip around the cities of northern Italy and Lake Garda. They also managed to squeeze in a few little gems like Orvieto.’ Carolyn and Nick Griffiths – Northern Italy Treasures September 2022

‘Many thanks to Sue and Dave for their excellent leadership. Always on hand but not intrusive and very helpful.’ Peter and Barbara Ball – Northern Italy Treasures September 2022

The tour that remains away is Cyprus and More, where the group arrived in Northern Cyprus this week. Being around 3000 miles from the UK, the weather in Cyprus is wonderful for touring at this time of year, daytime temperatures of high 20’s with plenty of sunshine for swimming, sightseeing and relaxing. The night-time temperature being a little below 20, makes it ideal for sleeping in a motorhome.

Camping in the Karpaz National Park, Northern Cyprus 15/10/2022

Next week the Cyprus and More tour will cross the ‘Green Line’ which divides the island, as they move from Northern Cyprus to Southern Cyprus. Crossing the ‘Green Line’ with vehicles has only been possible in more recent times and for crossing with a foreign registered vehicle, this has only become a reality even more recently. An interesting feature of travelling in Cyprus is that all driving is on the left, this being a throwback from Britian’s involvement with the island over a very long period. Even the UK standard 3 pin electrical plug is in use in many parts of Cyprus.

With winter arriving soon in the UK and cooler night-time temperatures possible; if you’re not using your motorhome at the moment, drain down the water systems so as to avoid potential damage from frozen tanks and pipes. How to do this is usually covered in your motorhome habitation manuals, or if in doubt give your motorhome dealer a call and they should be able to guide you.

If there is anything you wish to ask about any of our tours or motorhoming in general, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to assist with anything motorhome related and touring.

Kindest regards,

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team

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September and it is a great month to be touring

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

September and it is a great month to be touring. However, before looking at motorhome travel for this month, here at GB Motorhome Tours we are all saddened by the passing of the Queen. At our office, we have received messages from campsite owners and guides in various countries across Europe, passing on their condolences that Britain has lost its long-standing monarch. It really does indicate how much the Queen was known and respected across a much wider area than just the UK, she will be sadly missed.

For motorhome travel, September is a great month to be away. With the school holidays finished, campsites are less busy and excellent weather is still to be found in many regions of Europe. This month GB Motorhome Tours have trips taking place in Croatia and Italy, both of which are having perfect touring weather of warm sunny days.

Croatian Highlights tour – September 2022

Northern Italy Treasures tour – September 2022

Next week also sees the start of the Cyprus and More tour. Being the Mediterranean’s eastern most island and located around 3,000 miles from the UK, travelling overland to Cyprus is a real adventure. Look out for reports from this tour in the next couple of newsletters. This tour is being repeated again next year, if you could be interested in taking on the adventure, full details of the tour are available by clicking on Cyprus and More 2023 tour.

For touring next year in a closer to home destination and in a far more relaxed manner, two new trips have just been added to the 2023 tour programme.

An all-new tour along the French Loire Valley tour. This is a relaxed tour following the beautiful Loire River, starting near its mouth at Nantes and gently touring upstream as far as Blois. With included visits to the Cointreau distillery, the Musee du Champignon (mushrooms) and the Grande Maison du Fines Bulles (House of fine bubbles) expect to be well introduced to French products, as well as the beautiful scenery and chateaus of the region. Full tour details available by clicking on French Loire Valley 2023 tour

An all-new tour in southern Ireland. Another relaxed tour, taking in the beauty of the south and west regions of the country; where we find Blarney Castle, The Ring of Kerry, The Dingle Peninsular, The Cliffs of Moher and Galway. We include these as we travel leisurely along the route of the Wild Atlantic Way . There is then time in Dublin, to see and explore this colourful capital of the south. Full tour details available by clicking on Southern Ireland 2023 tour

In addition to these two new tours, there is also another tour being worked on for next year which should be completed and made available over the next month. This is the Rhine in Flames Spectacular, taking place at the start of September 2023. Enjoy time on the Rhine and Mosel rivers, including joining the Mosel wine festival and the Rhine in Flames spectacular. If you would like to pre-register your interest in this tour, send us a quick email and this will be done for you. People with pre-registered interest will receive the tour itinerary in advance of it being made generally available, giving them first opportunity of requesting a place on the tour, if so desired.

For all touring abroad it’s good practice to try and carry sufficient prescription medication with you to cover the duration of your trip. This avoids the need to locate supplies in foreign countries. Getting them in advance of your tour does not usually give a problem, advise your GP of your needs and they should provide the required prescription in advance of your departure. However, do arrange this in good time. We are hearing currently, that for some medications there is a shortfall in supplies, resulting in delays in some prescription medications being supplied.

With travel now really opening up again, all of us at GB Motorhome Tours look forward to travelling with you to many great places very soon. If there is anything you wish to ask about a tour, feel free to contact us.

Kindest regards,

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team

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August and the GB Motorhome Tours season starts again for touring

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

August and the GB Motorhome Tours touring season starts again very soon. Later this week sees the departure from the UK for those on the Croatian Highlights tour, followed at the end of this month by those travelling to Italy for the Northern Italy’s Treasures tour. Then in mid-September, those heading to Cyprus on the Cyprus and More tour will be leaving from the UK. Three great adventures for tour participants to enjoy.

Motorhoming in Zygi, Southern Cyprus

The Cyprus and More tour has just been confirmed as a tour again for next year, with the itinerary for 2023 now available on the GB Motorhome Tours website, where bookings for the tour can also be made. This tour offers a high degree of adventure as we travel overland to the Mediterranean’s most eastern island. Prepare yourself and your motorhome for a wonderful journey, click on the above photo or the following for the full 2023 Cyprus and More tour itinerary.

This month is the main season for the large outdoor motorhome shows that take place across the UK. A couple of weeks ago, GB Motorhome Tours were at the Norfolk show in Norwich, where it was great to meet many new people interested in motorhome travel and the opportunities that joining an organised tour offer (see below for more on this). Over this coming weekend we at the Western motorhome show in Malvern, where a large number of our Tour Directors will be on hand at the GB Motorhome Tours stand (85A) to chat and answer your questions.

Relating to our tours, we are often asked ‘what are the main benefits of a GB Motorhome Tours holiday’? This can probably be best answered by summarising customer comments on what they particularly like about touring with GB Motorhome Tours.

•    We travel knowing your Tour Directors are on hand to offer any assistance required
•    Our motorhome pitch is awaiting us upon arriving at the campsite, usually with little check-in procedure as you have looked after this in advance of our arrival
•    We make one booking with you and everything else on the tour is looked after for us
•    Your tours are much more than just taking us to a campsite and leaving us there. Included in every tour are organised excursions with local transport, tour guides and entrance fee’s all included – no need to move our motorhome off site
•    Each tour includes a number of quality group meals, a chance to enjoy local cuisine and wines in like-minded company
•    A comprehensive printed tour pack is sent around one month prior to departure, containing all the information for the tour – campsite details including GPS co-ordinates, route planning, excursion programme, group meals and general information for continental touring, making planning for our holiday easy
•    You include Michelin maps covering the area of the tour within the tour pack, and for most tours, also the DK Eyewitness guide book for the country being visited

We hope to soon be travelling with you and escorting you to many great places. In the meantime, if there is anything you would like to ask about a tour, feel free to contact us, we are always happy to answer your questions.

Kindest regards,

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team

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July and with school holidays starting touring takes a break ….

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

July and with school holidays starting, touring at GB Motorhome Tours takes a break, leaving families to fill the campsites across Europe whilst enjoying their summer holidays. Over the last month, five GB Motorhome Tours have taken place; these have ranged in destinations from Scotland in the North, to the Atlantic Coast of France in the West, to Poland in the East and Turkey in the South, plus Germany in the middle. Some reviews from these tours follow, further reviews can be found on the GB Motorhome Tours website reviews page.

Oban Campsite, Scotland June 2022
‘A well put together tour through the beautiful countryside of Scotland. It was great to meet up with some old friends and to meet up with new friends as well. A great tour.’ Mike and Penny Summers – Scotland Highlands and Royal Deeside tour – June 2022

Camping in Baynac, The French Atlantic Coast tour July 2022
‘This is our first trip with GB Motorhome Tours. John and Karen made us very welcome. The places we visited were interesting and informative. We would be happy to travel with GB Motorhome Tours in the future.’ Keith and Julie Seddon- The French Atlantic Coast tour June/July 2022

Malbork Castle Campsite, Poland June 2022
‘Our first time on a guided tour and we have loved every moment of it. Thank you Ron & Sue for putting together a brilliant itinerary and always being there if and when needed.’ Pauline & Gerry Gibson – Poland tour June 2022

Arriving in Turkey through its modern border crossing June 2022
‘A fantastic tour in a fantastic country. The Turkish speaking tour leaders (Nurcan and Kevin) were brilliant. If you get the chance to take your motorhome to Turkey, grab it with both hands, you won’t regret it.’ Ken Starmer – Western Turkey tour May/June 2022

Rhine in Flames Spectacular Show July 2022
‘We have thoroughly enjoyed our first time out with GB Motorhome Tours. All of the campsites and excursions were of an exceptional standard. Well done to Brian and Jenny for a brilliant tour.’ Sandra and Peter Head – Rhine in Flames June/July 2022

At GB Motorhome Tours, continental touring starts again towards the end of August; with the Croatian Highlights tour, followed shortly after by the Northern Italy’s Treasures tour and from mid-September the Cyprus and More tour. Each tour offers a mix of sightseeing, adventure, group meals and organised camping. For the Cyprus and More tour, a high degree of adventure can be expected. Being around 2,500 miles from the UK and just 70 miles from Israel, travelling to Cyprus by motorhome is a real adventure. Until recently it was difficult to tour in Cyprus; being a divided island, the two halves are independent of each other and have traditionally not allowed foreign vehicles to cross their borders to the ‘other’ side. However, this has now changed, enabling those on the Cyprus and More tour to look forward to fully discovering and experiencing both sides of this intriguing island. Look out for reports from the tour in newsletters later this year.

Before then, back in the UK and throughout the summer, GB Motorhome Tours have stands at two of the upcoming outdoor motorhome shows. Do come along and see us, where a number of the Tour Directors will be on hand to discuss tours and other aspects of motorhome travel.

For continental touring, keep in mind that whilst Covid-19 regulations for travel are reducing, they are not yet all fully removed. In particular, France still retains Covid-19 entry requirements for UK citizens. With most motorhomers at least passing through France on-route for their continental travel, do ensure you meet their entry requirements.  For fully vaccinated travellers, you should have proof of this available for possible inspection, either a printed certificate or electronic NHS Covid pass. The printed NHS certificate is obtained from . The certificate is valid for 6 months and is posted to your home address, allow 5 days for it to arrive. For un-vaccinated travellers, a certificate confirming a negative PCR test result (taken within 72 hours of departure) or an antigen test result (taken within 48 hours of departure) must be available for inspection. For the purpose of travel in the EU, fully vaccinated means having received two vaccinations and a third (booster) dose, or two vaccinations of which the second dose was received within the last 270 days before entering the country.

Looking ahead to autumn next year, our all new Swiss Magic tour has just been added to the GB Motorhome Tours website and is now available to book. Throughout this tour, enjoy the natural beauty of the Swiss Lakes and Mountains; relax on lake cruises, travel on the world’s steepest cog railway and marvel at the amazing scenery as you tour through the heart of Switzerland, seeing the very best of its Alpine scenery.

Enjoy your summer and we look forward to travelling with you soon. Feel free to contact us if there is anything you wish to ask about a tour.

Kindest regards,

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team

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June and many motorhomes are touring

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

There are currently five GB Motorhome Tours taking place. From Scotland in the north, to the Atlantic Coast of France in the west, to Poland in the east and Turkey in the south. Plus Germany in the centre.

On all GB Motorhome Tours, a number of magical experiences are offered. On the Turkey tour, one of these is to take a hot air balloon flight over the geographical wonderland of Cappadocia.

Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey – June 2022

Each morning up to 100 balloons take off, many from next to our campsite.

Motorhoming in Turkey – June 2022

Spring is a really great time to tour; to enjoy the warm days that are on offer at this time of year, along with the lovely long light evenings. In early spring, the Greece 2022 tour took place. This tour mixed history and natural beauty with the classical sights of Olympia, Monemvasia, Athens & Delphi, to leave participants enriched by its history and beautiful coastline. Some customer reviews from this years Greece tour

‘A great tour of Greece. The Greeks were very friendly & welcoming. The roads were far better than we anticipated with some spectacular drives on the minor roads. The scenic routes were beautiful. Springtime was a great time to visit as the wild flowers were spectacular. We loved the “GB Motorhomes” format of Group Meals & days out together sight-seeing, a great group of people on this Tour.’ Colin & Jane Young – Greece 2022

‘A wonderful variety of Campsite locations and interesting days out. We learned a lot about ancient and modern Greece. The food was good and plentiful, the weather mostly sunny and the Greek people so friendly and helpful. Can’t wait for our next Tour in the Canaries.’ Jane and Douglas Marsland – Greece 2022

‘Excellent group of travel companions and the Tour Guides, Dave & Sue couldn’t have been better.’ Ron & Chris Stableford – Greece 2022

‘Our 2nd time on this Tour, with some variations on the previous one five years ago. Some fantastic scenery, great driving experiences, nice sites and excellent meals. Great to meet new people and catch up with old friends. Many Thanks to Sue & David, our Tour Leaders, for looking after us.’ Carolyn & Roger Metcalfe – Greece 2022

Next years Greece tour is now already fully booked, however, if you would like to be added to the tours reserve list send us a simple email and we will look after this for you. Should we then be able to offer you a place, we will be in touch at that time. With many of our 2023 tours already fully booked, we are often asked why GB Motorhome Tours will not increase the number of participants on each tour. Very simply, GB Motorhome Tours run holidays to a very high standard and wish to maintain this for all tour participants to enjoy the very best experience. Group sizes are a factor in achieving this level of quality, and for this reason all tours are limited to a certain number of motorhomes.

Further tours for 2023, covering the Autumn period, will be released over the next month. Keep an eye on the GB Motorhome Tours website for these.

Throughout this summer, GB Motorhome Tours will have stands at two of the large outdoor motorhomes shows; with a number of our Tour Directors on hand to chat and answer questions regarding any of our tours.

For all continental travel a valid passport is required. However, when is a valid passport not valid? Following the UK’s exit from the EU, the Schengen zone countries (which encompass most of the EU countries) have tightened their rules around passports for UK citizens. For many years, the UK Government issued passports upon renewal, for the normal 10 year life span, plus any remaining months remaining on the old passport. Some passports have been issued with an expiry date of up to 10 years & 9 months after their date of issue. The Schengen zone countries will not recognise any passport that is over 10 years old at the time of travel. So it is possible to have a valid UK passport but find that it is not accepted for entry into EU countries; make a check of your own passport ready for future travel. GB Motorhome Tours advice is to renew any passport that is going to be over 10 years old before your time of return to the UK from any trip. It is also necessary to have 3 months validity remaining on the passport at the date of entry to the Schengen zone. Going forward the situation will be simpler, with the UK government no longer issuing passport’s for longer than 10 years from their date of issue. When renewing your passport allow good time for it’s return. Current advice from the UK passport office is to allow as much time as possible, which can be up to 10 weeks at the busiest times.

Enjoy your touring, whether this is in the UK or on the continent, and we look forward to travelling with you soon. Feel free to contact us if there is anything you wish to ask regarding a tour.

Kindest regards,

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team

Tel. 0044 7481 479 057

May and there is a lot of motorhome touring taking place

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

We are hearing from lots of people who are now making the most of their motorhomes and are once again enjoying the freedom of travel with few restrictions.

For those who are Covid-19 fully vaccinated, there are now very few restrictions on European travel. It may be necessary on the odd occasion, to show proof of vaccination status, but apart from that you are free to go. For anyone not vaccinated, there remains a few restrictions or the requirement to have a recent negative test. For the full details of each country’s entry requirements, these can be viewed on the UK Governments Foreign, Commonwealth and Developments Office (FCDO) website.

GB Motorhome Tours currently have 2 holidays taking place, in Greece and Western Turkey. The Greece tour has been spending time at Delphi, where our campsite has wonderful pitch views over large groves of olive trees all the way down to the coast.

Camping Delphi, Greece May 2022

The Greece tour will be running again in 2023 and has already proven very popular becoming full booked within days of being made available. On from Greece, there are a further three tours for spring 2023 that have just been made available. They are

  • Western Turkey – 40 nights starting 15th May 2023. A time to enjoy stunning coastlines, archaeological wonders and historic cities as we tour the western side of Turkey.
  • Sardinia – 21 nights starting 27th May 2023. Get ready to be captivated by Sardinia as we make a clockwise route around the islands striking coast and fine sand beaches.
  • Scotland Highlands and Royal Deeside – 20 nights starting 11th June 2023. Relaxed touring, wonderful scenery and a Royal Connection, as we tour some of the best scenery to be found in the UK.

These three tours currently have availability and can be booked on the GB Motorhome Tours website. The complete 2023 tours programme is

  • 2023 Jan/Mar – Canary Islands (70 nights)
  • April/May – Greece (34 nights)
  • May  Normandy (14 nights)
  • May/June – Sardinia (21 nights)
  • May/June – Western Turkey (40 nights)
  • June – Central France (21 nights)
  • June – Scotland Highlands (21 nights)
  • August – Czech, Slovakia & Hungary (30 nights)
  • Aug/Sept – Croatia (27 nights)
  • September – Swiss Magic (20 nights)
  • Sept/Nov – Cyprus and More (49 nights)
  • December – Paris & Epernay (10 nights)

Before next year there are opportunities to get away on a tour over the next couple of months. Four great late spring tours starting in June this year currently have a couple places remaining, these are

Poland 21 nights starting 12 June 2022 – Discover the contrasts that Poland offers from its majestic mountain ranges and stunning rivers to Warsaw’s urban pulse, Gdansk’s stately maritime heritage and Poznań’s architectural styles.

Scotland’s Highlands and Royal Deeside 21 nights starting 12 June 2022 – Look forward to some of the best scenery to be found in the British Isles, whilst enjoying the long days and light nights of being this far north in late spring.

The French Atlantic Coast 22 nights starting 13 June 2022 – Travel along the French Atlantic Coast whilst enjoying an itinerary that has been carefully chosen and planned to indulge guests.

Rhine in Flames Spectacular 10 nights starting 24 June 2022 – A picturesque getaway along the great rivers of Germany. The highlight of the tour is an evening cruise with dinner for the magnificent Rhine in Flames spectacular.

Full itineraries for each of the tours can be viewed by clicking on the tour name, with bookings available on the GB Motorhome Tours website. As is always the case, bookings are processed in the order received and up to the tour becoming fully booked.

On all tours, GB Motorhome Tours offers two starting options. You may start on the continent making your own way out from the UK or you may travel out from the UK with the Tour Directors (so in effect, if selecting this option, start from the UK). This flexibility allows tour participants to choose which works best for them. If selecting the optional travel from UK with Tour Directors package, this offers the opportunity to have everything arranged for you, including cross-channel ferries. The starting point in this instance is a campsite in Kent, the day before the ferry to France. The Tour Directors meet there with those on the optional package and look after everything on route to the tours starting point. Included within the optional package is your cross-channel ferries which is a flexi return ticket and includes full access to the ships club lounge both ways; the on-route campsite nights and usually a group dinner at one of the campsites. Full details of the tours optional package are contained at the end of each tours itinerary.

For all travel, it is advisable to have in place personal travel insurance. Over the last 2 years where travel has been more restricted, along with many people limiting their touring to the UK, some travel insurance policies have been allowed to lapse. Do check yours is in place and covering your requirements. In addition to travel insurance, take the time to obtain a European Health Insurance Card, known by many as the EHIC or E111. Whilst the card has now changed names to the Global Health Insurance Card or GHIC, the scheme itself remains free to UK citizens and is as comprehensive as previous. Importantly it covers all emergency medical treatment in EU member countries. If you already have an EHIC (plastic bank style card) these remain valid until the expiry date, when they can upon application be replaced with a GHIC. To apply for a GHIC click on the following link. Apply for a free NHS issued Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). With the scheme covering pre-existing medical conditions, whereas most travel insurance exclude these, this is an important reason for carrying the card with you on continental tours. In addition to the GHIC, personal travel insurance continues to be required to cover the many things that the GHIC scheme does not include. The two complement each other, rather than one replacing the other.

Enjoy your spring touring and we look forward to travelling with you soon. Feel free to contact us if there is anything you wish to ask regarding a tour, we are always happy to answer any enquiries.

Kindest regards,

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team

Tel. 0044 7481 479 057

April and spring is here with some great weather across the UK

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

Spring is with us and it has brought great Easter touring weather across the UK. The UK in spring can be a lovely time to tour, however, living in a northern European country the weather at this time of year remains unpredictable. Far more consistent weather destinations throughout spring are to be found in and around the Mediterranean countries. This week saw the start of the Greece 2022 tour, with the group enjoying lovely driving weather all the way from the UK to Italy, from where they sailed overnight to southern Greece with ‘Camping on Board’.

Camping Bologna, Italy – The start of the Greece tour April 2022

‘Camping on Board’ allows for sleeping in your own motorhome whilst parked on the ferries camping deck, with access to electric hook-ups and toilet & showers. There is also full access to all the ships bars, lounges and restaurants. Our Greece tours run for 33 nights, split across the Peloponnese and the North, where it is possible to do all 33 nights or just the 19 nights of the Peloponnese. This tour will be repeated again in 2023, if you would like to register your interest in this click on the link below.

Please register my interest in the 2023 Greece tour

The Greece 2022 tour itinerary can be viewed at Having registered your interest in next years tour means the full 2023 tour itinerary will be sent to you prior to general release, giving you an opportunity to request a place if you so wish at that time.

Before next year, for touring opportunities in the next couple of months, there is some availability on four great spring tours, all starting in June. These are

Poland 21 nights starting 12 June 2022 – Discover the contrasts that Poland offers from its majestic mountain ranges and stunning rivers to Warsaw’s urban pulse, Gdansk’s stately maritime heritage and Poznań’s architectural styles.

Scotland’s Highlands and Royal Deeside 21 nights starting 12 June 2022 – Look forward to some of the best scenery to be found in the British Isles, whilst enjoying the long days and light nights of being this far north in late spring.

The French Atlantic Coast 22 nights starting 13 June 2022 – Travel along the French Atlantic Coast whilst enjoying an itinerary that has been carefully chosen and planned to indulge guests.

Rhine in Flames Spectacular 10 nights starting 24 June 2022 – A picturesque getaway along the great rivers of Germany. The highlight of the tour is an evening cruise with dinner for the magnificent Rhine in Flames spectacular.

Full itineraries for each of the tours can be viewed by clicking on the tour name, with bookings available on the GB Motorhome Tours website. Bookings will be processed in the order received and up to the tour becoming fully booked.

Continental travel really is opening up now, with few Covid-19 restrictions in place for fully vaccinated travellers. For those on the current Greece tour, since they left the UK last week, they have passed smoothly through France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, to arrive in Greece without any problems. It is necessary to have proof of vaccination for inspection where asked, which can be in either electronic or paper format. GB Motorhome Tours recommends you have both versions with you. For un-vaccinated travellers the situation is vastly different and each country’s entry requirements should be carefully viewed before arriving if un-vaccinated.

With travel restrictions greatly reduced and availability on some spring tours, we can now 100% look forward to once again be escorting you to many great places very soon. Before then, if you are at the Peterborough motorhome show next weekend, do call and visit the GB Motorhome Tours stand to catch up with some of us in person.

Happy Easter to you.

Kindest regards,

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team

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March and Spring is approaching, meanwhile some motorhomes………….

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

Spring will shortly be with us, along with the prospect of some good motorhome touring weather ahead. With the clocks going forward next weekend, the days will soon be getting longer. Whilst the weather for touring in the UK and most of Europe is best from April onwards, those on the Canary Islands tour have been in summer like conditions since arriving there in January.

For all GB Motorhome Tours, the very best available campsites are selected for each of the locations being visited throughout the tour. This is achieved through regular personal inspection by the Tour Directors of the campsites available in each location. Whilst campsites are always the preferred option for overnight stops, on some of the more adventurous tours in more distant locations, it can be that there are no campsites available in the vicinity of a place of interest. In this situation, GB Motorhome Tours will on occasions put in place alternative overnight parking arrangements. On the Canary Islands tour, two very good attractions that are included in the tour are visits to a local Rum Distillery with English speaking guided tour followed by a rum tasting and dinner evening. For this, a nearby picturesque parking area surrounded by tropical plants of the islands, including bananas growing, is chosen.

Overnight parking at Rum Aldea, La Palma – March 2022
Another attraction within the Canary Islands tour, is a visit to the islands southern most lighthouse, where salt pans are located allowing a self-guided tour to be made to discover the process of producing sea salt by hand. This is followed by dinner in the salt pans own high quality restaurant. For this, the night is spent with the motorhomes parked all around the lighthouse, with great sea views all around.

Overnight parking at Fuencaliente lighthouse, La Palma – March 2022

Details of the 2023 Canary Islands tour are now available on the GB Motorhome Tours website, where it is also possible to book for next year. Why not take yourself and your motorhome away for 70 nights of warmth and adventure next winter?

Further tours for 2023 will soon be added to the GB Motorhome Tours website. There will be a full programme of tours running throughout 2023 and these will be made available to book as we go through the first half of this year. The 2023 tours are currently being held back from release in case a 2022 tour cannot proceed. In which case the cancelled tour would be ‘rolled over’ to next year to give all customers with 2022 bookings the opportunity of a guaranteed place in 2023.

It is not currently anticipated tours should require cancelling for this year. However, the situation in Ukraine, along with the changing Covid regulations across Europe, is constantly being monitored. Providing a tour remains safe and sensible to proceed, GB Motorhome Tours will run the tour. At the same time, it is recognised that travel in these times may not be right for everyone, and GB Motorhome Tours remains flexible in this aspect. Currently all those with tour bookings are offered the opportunity, up to the point of paying their final balance, complete flexibility in choosing to delay their travel for whatever reason should they so wish, and have their money placed on hold for use against a future tour booking, either for later this year or throughout 2023. This is an important benefit to all customers, in allowing individuals to choose if travel is right for them near the time of their tour. The position in any instance of GB Motorhome Tours cancelling a tour for whatever reason remains, that all money is fully covered by the 1992 Package Tours Regulations and money paid directly for the tour would become fully refundable or transferable at that time. In any situation whereby a tour no longer remains safe or sensible to continue with, then GB Motorhome Tours will make the decision to cancel. This protection also applies to the optional package linked to the tour, so choosing your outward travel through GB Motorhome Tours means everything from the UK is fully covered and looked after for you. If you have a tour booking and would like to add the optional travel from UK with Tour Directors package to it, this currently remains possible up to the point of the balance payment becoming due.

Next month sees the large outdoor motorhome show season start, with the first event being at Peterborough over the weekend of 22nd – 24th April 2022. Throughout the weekend GB Motorhome Tours will have a stand at the show.

Following on from Peterborough we will also have stands at two further shows during the summer.

Do come along and see us, where Tour Directors will be available to chat to you and answer any questions. Until then, if there is anything you wish to ask about any of our tours, feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions and always try to offer an answer, either the same day or if not possible, the following day.

Enjoy your Spring time touring.

Kindest regards,

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team

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February and there are some motorhomes touring in the sun

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

February and whilst the weather at home has been challenging, those on the Canary Islands tour continue to enjoy the benefits of being a long way south at this time of year. Located 2,000 miles south of the UK, the islands enjoy an eternal spring where current temperatures are mid 20’s with lots of sunny days. For motorhoming at this time of year there really is nowhere better.

Motorhoming in Gran Canaria February 2022

Whilst being 2,000 miles away from the UK, by making full us of ferries the actual driving distance to the Canary Islands is just 600 miles. The islands are well known for their warm winter climate, but are less well known for their culture and heritage interests; on the GB Motorhome Tours Canary Islands trip, you really can enjoy both. There are also some stunning drives throughout.

On-route coffee stop in the mountains of Gran Canaria – February 2022

If you would like to escape the cold of next winter and take yourself and your motorhome on a true adventure, the 2023 Canary Islands tour itinerary is now available on the GB Motorhome Tours website, where it is also possible to book.

The Canary Islands tour is the first of the 2023 tours to be made available. A full programme of tours will be running throughout 2023 and these will be made available to book as we go through the first half of this year. The 2023 tours are currently being held back from release, just to be safe in any instance that a 2022 tour cannot proceed, in which case this would be ‘rolled over’ to next year, giving all with 2022 bookings the opportunity to have a guaranteed place in 2023. Travel for 2022 is looking very positive, with many countries continuing to reduce or abolish Covid entry requirements for vaccinated travellers. It’s becoming more difficult for un-vaccinated travellers, with most countries having introduced ‘two-tier’ systems, for the vaccinated and un-vaccinated. The current position of the EU, is that to be classed as vaccinated you must have had 2 doses of a vaccine, with the second dose being administered within the last 270 days (approx. 9 months) of the time of travel, OR received a 3rd (booster) dose. If you have a 2022 booking for a continental tour and you do not meet the criteria of being vaccinated, please let us know so we can advise you further. For all tours, full country entry requirements for vaccinated travellers are contained in the printed tour pack sent around 1 month prior to the start of each tour. Where it is beneficial to complete preparations prior to this, the information is sent earlier by email. For UK tours there are now no restrictions or paperwork necessary to travel.

In the UK, this week see’s the large indoor NEC Caravan, Camping and Motorhome show taking place; tickets for this event are now fully sold out and the organisers are asking people not to attend without pre-booked tickets, as none are available ‘on the gate’ for this year. Looking ahead to the big outdoor spring/summer shows, GB Motorhome Tours will be at the Peterborough, Norfolk and Malvern shows this year, with stands at each. Do come along to see us, and think to plan ahead now, to book your places as these too could easily also become fully booked. We hope to see you there.

Until then, if there is anything you wish to ask about any of our tours, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions.

Kindest regards,

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team

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