Meet the Tour Directors

Nurcan & Kevin

Set out from the UK in a motorhome in 1998 for a 6 month tour of Europe and returned 5 years later! Since that first trip 500,000 motorhome KM’s have been completed across 40 countries spanning 4 continents and over the last 18 years, have been pioneers in more adventurous group travel.
They were the leaders of the first UK motorhome group tour of Greece in 2006, to Turkey in 2008, the Baltic States in 2010, the Canary Islands in 2016 and Cyprus in 2022. After over 20 years of motorhome travel they remain as passionate as ever for getting their motorhome, and yours, to great places. As well as being travel consultants for Motorhome Monthly Magazine (MMM) they are successful business people, having run their own businesses for many years.



SUe&RonSue & Ron

Sue & Ron have been travelling around Europe for over 35 years, and have gained vast experience of Escorting Motorhome Groups, during the last 20 years.
They have lead over 55 tours, many of which have been created and developed by themselves whilst visiting these countries, notably tours to Iceland, Croatia and Poland. Some of the other countries visited include – Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Corsica, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Sardinia and Slovenia. For a number of years, Ron is a European Touring adviser to the Motor Caravanners’ Club





David & Sue

Sue and Dave bought their first Motorhome in 2005 after deciding to sell their Business in pursuit of a more rewarding and relaxed lifestyle.
They enjoy the sociability of travelling with Groups as well as exploring independently. In the intervening years, they have covered more than 200,000 kms travelling extensively throughout Europe. They have enjoyed visiting many countries including, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Holland, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Morocco, Ireland, and Scotland. They also enjoyed the experience of travelling around The National Parks of the USA in a rental R.V.
In recent years they have led a variety of Motorhome Tours within Europe, enjoying the opportunity to explore new places and Countries with like minded fellow travellers.



John & Karen

It was in 2015 when Karen and John came home with their first motorhome. Having never toured, it was always on their “to do” list.
Over the years since then they are now into their third motorhome and have toured across the UK and Europe extensively, both on their own and have also enjoyed a number of GB Motorhome Tours touring France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary.
Whilst they are both still working they are looking forward to using their organisation and business skills and leading many more tours going forward into the future.




Brian & Jenny

Having returned from a tour of Australia in 2008, involving 17 separate flights, Jenny and Brian decided that they’d had enough of airports and aeroplanes. They have travelled the UK extensively on business, so decided to buy a motorhome and as tourists travelled to all corners of the UK and Eire and then ventured further into Europe.
Travelling independently and with group tours, they particularly enjoy the camaraderie of GB Motorhome Tours. They have excellent organisational and social skills having worked in hospitality for many years and running their own business.
They are now coming up to retirement and are looking forward to new ventures and making more friends on their tours.



Sarita & Michael

Sarita and Michael have been camping all their life, and graduated over the years from small tents to camper vans and now a motorhome.  After careers at various levels of local government and the Sports Council, they now have more time to indulge their interest in travel and adventure. They have led motorhome tours in Canada, New Zealand and more recently in Scotland, as well as visiting many parts of Europe, as organised trips in the van.
They particularly like accompanied tours which combine seeing new places with the sociability of meeting and keeping new friends of a like mind.



Douglas and Jane

Douglas and Jane travelled widely in the UK and Europe, camping in caravans with their children. Starting in the early 1990s they toured much of Europe, limited only by the pressures of full-time jobs and the school holidays.
When they retired and their youngest child went to University, they switched to motorhomes and able to travel much more extensively, they spent extended periods touring independently and also tried an organised tour. Since that first short Rhine in Flames tour with GB Motorhome Tours, they have enjoyed further tours including Poland, Greece and The Canary Islands twice.
They particularly appreciate the social aspect of group tours and like helping others to also enjoy the freedom and wonderful experiences that motorhoming brings.