Delightful Denmark

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Danish Delight – an Intriguing Holiday Destination 

Denmark has a well preserved cultural heritage and consists of more than 400 islands, our tour in Denmark starts on the Jutland peninsula where we will visit the birthplace of one of the world’s most popular toys, Lego. Far too good just for children Legoland is a wonder for all ages. Whilst on Jutland we also visit Ribe, the Oldest Town and Aarhus, which will bring alive the Danes legendary sense of design and architecture.

 The islands of Zealand and Funen are now linked to Jutland by bridges, including the 18km stretch of the Storebælt Bridges; opened in 1998 having taken 10 years to build they consist of two bridges and a tunnel, these can be crossed as we move towards Denmark’s capital.

 In Copenhagen we have excursions arranged for a tour of the city and to Roskilder city for a visit to the wonderful Viking museum and a walk alongside the Baltic Sea Fjord. We finish our tour with an amazing evening of music, dinner and light shows at the world famous Tivoli Gardens, joining with the Danish as they celebrate mid summers day – one of the largest festivities in the Scandinavian calendar.

Travelling in Scandinavia at this time of year is very special, enjoying the long days that being this far north provides with darkness not arriving until very late in the evening.

Add all this together along with some Danish pastries and you begin to understand why Denmark is an intriguing holiday destination.

Geoff and Margaret Cotton – Delightful Denmark – June 2018
‘This was our 24th tour with GB tours and as always, we found ourselves going to places we would never have found on our own. Our leaders Liz and Dave took good care of us all.’ 

Hilary and Andrew Wilson – Delightful Denmark – June 2018
‘An excellent introduction to a new country for us with a good variety of excursions to places of interest. Liz and Dave are very attentive leaders who work hard to enhance the holiday.’ 


Denmark Map 1

Day One – Sunday 10th June
We meet at a good quality campsite near Hamburg, Germany for the start of our tour and this evening get together for welcome drinks and dinner in the campsites own restaurant.

Day Two – Monday 11th June
As we are close to Hamburg it would be disappointing to miss spending some time in this wonderful city. This morning we’ll be collected from our campsite for a full days guided sightseeing in the city with lunch included in a traditional Hamburg restaurant.

Day Three – Tuesday 12th June
From Germany, we travel into Denmark, along the Jutland peninsula to Ribe, our campsite is within easy walking distance of the town square. 150 miles

Day Four – Wednesday 13th June
Free day to visit Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark. It is Market Day today located at the Skibbro Quay. This evening you could join the Night Watchman for a free 45min tour, starting from the Town Square.

Day Five – Thursday 14th June
Our destination today will be the world famous Legoland which features more than 60 million LEGO bricks and is filled with impressive models and displays.

Day Six – Friday 15th June
Free day to relax or revisit Ribe as it is one large attraction, with more than 100 preserved houses, half-timbered architecture, cobblestone streets and narrow alleys. Ribe Cathedral, started in approx. 1150 and finished in approx. 1250, is the only Danish church with five naves.

Day Seven – Saturday 16th June
We continue further north, moving to the east coast of the peninsula to Aarhus, this is Denmark’s second largest city where you can see the Danes legendary sense of design and architecture. Marselisborg Palace, the Queens summer residence and also The Old Town Museum which you can walk around. 100 miles

Day Eight – Sunday 17th June
Excursion into Aarhus. Last year Aarhus was the European Capital of Culture. We will visit ‘Den Gamie By’ – The Old Town Museum and the National Open Air Museum of urban history and culture. Also to the roof of ARoS Art Museum for the spectacular artwork of the rainbow panorama. Included in the day is lunch at an Aarhus restaurant.

Day Nine – Monday 18th June
Free time to explore Aarhus further, the local bus stops close to the campsite and Denmark is very cycle friendly should you have a bicycle with you.

Day Ten – Tuesday 19th June
Drive to Copenhagen. Our campsite is located on the edge of the city set in a large park, and with local shops & restaurants close by it commands an ideal position. 190 miles

Day Eleven – Wednesday 20th June
We will be collected by coach and taken for a full day guided tour of the capital, including lunch in a city restaurant. The fairytale city of Copenhagen is home to the world-famous statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid and is full of historic landmarks, significant buildings and interesting sights. Dotted with parks, gardens, water fountains and squares, the city combines a charming, relaxed feel with a lively and exuberant atmosphere.

Day Twelve – Thursday 21st June
A free day. You may choose to explore Copenhagen further using the public transport from nearby our campsite or maybe take it easy with a stroll through the park that surrounds our campsite.

Day Thirteen – Friday 22nd June
We will be taken to the ancient Viking city of Roskilde, once the capital of Denmark. We visit the Viking Ship Museum which as well as housing the well-preserved remains of five ships excavated from the nearby Roskilde Fjord provides a wonderful insight in to shipbuilding from this era. You will be free to explore the museum at your leisure and later the city itself. Among many other places of interest is the Gothic Cathedral, dating from the 12th Century and the first Gothic cathedral to be built of brick. Next to the cathedral is Roskilde Palace, part home to the Bishop and part museum. The buildings stand on a hill from which there is a great view over the fjord which the Viking museum is located on.

Day Fourteen – Saturday 23rd June
Today is mid-summer day, a major celebration in Scandinavia. The day has been left free in preparation for our ‘Farewell Evening’ at the world renowned Tivoli Gardens. Opening in August 1843 the park and pleasure garden is the second largest such attraction in the world and welcomes over four million visitors each year. Being mid summers day tonight is a special occasion in Tivoli with concerts, bonfires (a tradition to keep the witches away) and light displays all taking place. We will arrive early evening in time for a wander through the gardens and to enjoy some of the music, have our Farewell Dinner in a Tivoli restaurant to be finished in time for the late evening bonfire and light displays.

Day Fifteen – Sunday 24th June
Our tour comes to an end this morning. You may decide to stay a little longer in Denmark or begin making your way back to the UK.

PRICE                                       TOUR DEPOSIT £000 

Motorhome with 2 people = £0000 per person
Motorhome with 1 person = £0000


  • 14 Campsite nights with electric hook-ups
  • All transfers required for Excursions/Events as per the itinerary
  • Entrance fees as described in the itinerary
  • Tour information pack with suggested routes & GPS Coordinates
  • Services of Tour Directors travelling in their own motorhome
  • Michelin Map of Denmark
  • DK Denmark Guidebook

Excursions, Events & Meals

  • Welcome Drinks & Dinner
  • Guided tour of Hamburg
  • Lunch in Hamburg restaurant
  • Excursion to Legoland, including entry
  • Excursion into Aarhus
  • Lunch in Aarhus restaurant
  • Guided tour of Copenhagen
  • Lunch in Copenhagen restaurant
  • Excursion to Roskilde
  • Entry to the Viking Ship Museum
  • Entry to Tivoli Gardens
  • Farewell Dinner in Tivoli Gardens Restaurant
  • Mid Summers festivities at Tivoli

This tour starts in Hamburg, Germany, but if you would like to travel at the same time as the Tour Directors, please books the optional tour package so that everything can be arranged on your behalf



  • Return Dover/Calais Ferry with 60-day Flexible Ticket + Club Class Lounge
  • Four additional campsite nights starting in Kent on Wednesday 6th June followed by Belgium, Germany & Hamburg
  • Dinner at Belgium campsite
  • Tour information pack with suggested routes & GPS Coordinates
  • Services of Tour Directors travelling in their own motorhome

OPTIONAL PACKAGE PRICE                                                                                                        

Motorhome with 2 people @ £000 per person
Motorhome with 1 person @ £000