Cyprus & More

21st September - 9th November 2021(49 nights)pdfdownload


Modern History, Captivating Coastlines and Sunny Weather

Cyprus is a land with a recent history; since 1974 it has been a divided island, split between North and South. Travelling in the North can feel like time has stood still, whereas the South an EU member, is very different. Our tour visits both sides to give you a complete experience of the island, something that has only recently been possible with the opening of the border for crossing with your own vehicle. Being the eastern most island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus enjoys a near perfect autumn climate; throughout October and well into November little rain is experienced and temperatures remain in the high 20’s.  

For this tour Cyprus is just one half of the adventure. To make our way to the island we explore the fascinating north west Black Sea coast and central a

rea of Turkey. Rich in natural scenery and local history the Black Sea is followed from Istanbul to Sinop. From Sinop we turn directly south to pass through the Hattusa and Cappadocia central regions to arrive on Turkey’s south coast from where we cross to Cyprus.

Throughout this tour you will get to stay in many great places, far from the UK and seldom (if ever) reached by other UK motorhomers. However, great campsite facilities will not be a feature. This tour is for the adventurous and will be best enjoyed by those with an open mind to camping and who are comfortable with using their motorhome’s own facilities including camping without an electric hook-up at all times. During the tour adequate arrangements are in place for access to water/waste facilities and LPG is available throughout both Turkey & Cyprus. Driving in places requires a confident approach.

Get ready for taking yourself and your motorhome on a truly memorable journey.

Day 1 – Tuesday 21 September 2021
We meet at a quality campsite in Bologna, Italy where this evening the Tour Directors will host a welcome evening at their motorhome.

Day 2
Drive to Ancona, Italy to catch the overnight ferry to Greece. We will sleep on deck in our motorhomes, an experience that you may not have had before. 220 volt hook-ups, showers and WCs are available. This evening we get together in the ships restaurant for a group dinner. 140 miles (Camping on board is subject to the ships layout, if not available on todays boat en-suite cabins are provided)

Day 3
We arrive at Igoumenitsa, Greece, this morning. After disembarkation we drive to our coastal campsite in Methoni Pierias. 210 miles 

Day 4
We continue east to a beachside campsite at Alexandroupoli, Greece. 230 miles

Day 5
A free day. With our campsite right on the beach it’s ideal for a relaxing day. This evening the Tour Directors will give a briefing ready for entering Turkey tomorrow.

Day 6 – Sunday 26 September
We cross the Turkish border this morning and make our way to our first campsite in Turkey. Our Turkish speaking Tour Directors will be on hand to assist with border formalities. This evening we enjoy a group meal featuring Turkish cuisine. 150 miles

Day 7
Today we arrive on the Black Sea coast at the relaxed resort of Akçakoca. 200 miles

Day 8
A free day. The campsite is situated next to the beach and you can take a pleasant 30 minute walk into town.

Day 9
We leave the coast for a while and drive inland to the important Silk Road town of Safranbolu, Turkey’s best preserved Ottoman town and a UNESCO World Heritage site. We stay at a hotel car park located just 300m from the historic old centre. In the evening we have dinner in town. 130 miles

Day 10
This morning we take a walking tour through Safranbolu’s meandering alleys, lined by timber-framed houses with distinctive red-tiled roofs. After lunch we visit Duzce Canyon and its extraordinary flying glass platform which you may experience, if you’re brave enough! Then you may choose to return to your motorhome by coach or join the Tour Directors for a two-hour walk back to town.

Day 11
We return to the Black Sea and the picturesque coastal town of Amasra where we park overnight at the harbour-side. This is an ideal location for exploring the town and in the evening there is a group meal in a local restaurant. 55 miles

Day 12 & 13 – Sunday 3 October
We leave Amasra to begin the two-day journey to Sinop, a popular holiday resort previously renowned for its tough prison which is now a museum. In total the journey takes about 8 hours, driving along a road that hugs the coast and passes through many mountain and coastal villages. The journey has been split over 2 days to allow plenty of time for stops. We stay overnight parked near the sea in a tiny coastal village. The next day we complete the journey to Sinop where we stay for 3 nights at a beachside campsite. 200 miles over two days

Day 14
We visit Sinop including its infamous prison, now a museum. Group lunch in local restaurant.

Day 15
A free day. The campsite has a washing machine and the beach is close by. There are also pleasant walks locally.

Day 16
We leave Sinop heading directly south to the UNESCO protected Hittite sites of Hattusa and Yazılıkaya. Stay at a good campsite linked to a pleasant hotel. 240 miles

Day 17
We start the day with breakfast in the hotel. This is followed by a tour of the archaeological site of Hattusa, capital of the Hittite Empire in the late Bronze Age. The ruins are notable for the remains of temples, royal residences and fortifications and for the rich ornamentation of the Lion’s Gate and Royal Gate. In its time this Empire stretched from modern-day Syria, across Anatolia and into Europe.

Day 18
Continuing south we reach the geographic wonderland of Cappadocia. 110 miles

Day 19
Today we visit some of the cave dwellings Cappadocia is partly famous for.

Day 20 – Sunday 10 October
Even more famous in Cappadocia is the natural Disney like ‘fairy chimney’ landscape and the best way to see this is from the air. This morning we offer an optional (payable locally) hot-air balloon experience where we start by seeing the balloons being prepared for take-off followed by a flight time of around 1 hour.

Day 21
A free day. Relax or take in the popular ‘Rose Valley’ walk that starts from right outside our campsite.

Day 22
Continuing our journey today we reach Turkey’s south coast and the departure point for Cyprus. Our boat leaves late evening and travels overnight. On board you may stay in your motorhome throughout the crossing (around 6 hours) or walk around. 230 miles

Day 23
Arriving in Northern Cyprus this morning we clear our motorhomes through customs and have an easy coastal drive to a beachside restaurant where we have parking for two nights. This evening we have a welcome to Cyprus group dinner. 40 miles

Day 24
This morning transport is arranged for a visit to Kantara Castle, offering fine views over Northern Cyprus. The afternoon is free to enjoy the beach and sea.

Day 25
Move on today to the national park of the Karpaz region, famed for its sand beaches and wild donkeys. Our parking is at a beachside hotel where we have dinner tonight overlooking the sea. 40 miles

Day 26
Breakfast is prepared for us next to the sea to give a relaxed start to the day. The remainder of the day is free for enjoying the beach and sea.

Day 27 – Sunday 17 October
Drive to a private camping area near to Famagusta. 55 miles

Day 28
An excursion to Lefkosa (the northern half of Nicosia). Nicosia is the whole island’s capital, however just like the island itself it is divided between north and south. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall it has become the world’s solitary remaining divided capital. Throughout the morning our English speaking guide will take us through the northern places of interest whilst explaining much about the city’s history. The afternoon is free for your own lunch arrangements and explorations.

Day 29
Famagusta is our destination for today, with an English guided excursion to this beautiful Venetian walled city. Lunch is included in a local restaurant.

Day 30
We take our motorhomes from the North to the South of the island today. Having passed through the border we travel to the colourful fishing town of Zygi, where we have dinner and overnight parking. 80 miles

Day 31
Drive along the south coast passing through the British Sovereign area of Akrotiri to arrive at a beachside camping area on the west coast near Polis. 80 miles

Day 32
A boat trip along the Akamas Peninsular National Park with lunch included.

Day 33
A free day. Relax on the beach, swim or catch up on some chores – the choice is yours.

Day 34 – Sunday 24 October
Transport is arranged to the ‘Baths of Aphrodite’, we visit the setting where it is claimed the goddess of love bathed. There will then be time for a walk along the coastal path of the Akamas Peninsular National Park before we take lunch in a coastal restaurant.

Day 35
We leave the coast to spend time with our motorhomes in the mountains. On route to our overnight parking, recommended visits are Kykkos Monastery, the church of Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis and the Botanic Gardens. At a height of 1600m (5,300 feet) many of the botanic gardens species are endemic to this area of Cyprus. This evening we have parking in the mountains and dinner in a local restaurant. 65 miles

Day 36
Staying in the mountains we have further recommended visits for this morning as we make our way to a rural restaurant, complete with its own micro winery. We have parking arranged for the night along with a home-made group dinner. Throughout the afternoon there will be an opportunity to join in at the restaurant/winery and learn about making some typical Cypriot products. 60 miles

Day 37
Leaving the mountains today we return to the coast and a camping facility at Governors Beach. 20 miles

Day 38
An excursion and guided visit to the islands capital of Lefkosia (southern Nicosia). Throughout the morning our English speaking guide will take us to the places of interest whilst explaining the city’s history and in particular the ‘green line’ division. Later free time for own lunch arrangements and independent exploration.

Day 39
A free day. The coast is right outside our camping area so maybe take a coastal walk, relax by the sea or have a swim.

Day 40
An excursion today to Pafos where we visit the Royal Tombs and Villas with fine mosaics. Lunch included by the sea.

Day 41 – Sunday 31 October
We leave the coast and drive inland for the venue of our Farewell Dinner where we also have overnight parking. Throughout the evening it’s a time to eat well and drink quality local wines whilst reflecting on the adventure that has been ‘Cyprus and More’. 40 miles

Day 42
Today we return to north Cyprus and this evening take the overnight boat back to Turkey. 95 miles

Day 43
Arriving in Turkey this morning we travel to Konya for overnight camping and possibly a quick visit of the city centre – home to the ‘Whirling Dervish’. 170 miles

Day 44
Continuing our return journey through Turkey we stop overnight at a camping near to Ankara. 150 miles

Day 45
Travelling north today we use the modern motorway network to complete a longer drive to arrive at a campsite towards the Turkey/Greece border. 340 miles

Day 46
Cross from Turkey to Greece to arrive at a beachside campsite. 150 miles

Day 47
A completely free day.

Day 48 – Sunday 7 November
Travel across northern Greece to an overnight campsite. 210 miles

Day 49
A comfortable drive today to arrive at the port of Igoumenitsa ready for our overnight crossing back to Ancona, Italy. 230 miles

Day 50 – Tuesday 9 November 2021
The tour ends as we arrive back in Italy this afternoon. If the Tour Directors are returning to the UK you may travel back with them as they make their way home via Calais (campsite fee’s from here on are not included).


Motorhome with 2 people = £0000 per person
Motorhome with 1 person = £0000


Ferry supplement for motorhomes over 6m = £250 per metre or part metre
Second deposit of £1,500 payable 15/03/2021 to secure ferry places


    • 26 Campsite nights with electric hook-up
    • 7 campsite nights without hook-up
    • 12 overnight parking with limited or no facilities
    • 4 nights on ferry
    • Return Italy to Greece ferry
    • Return Turkey to Cyprus ferry
    • Transport for Excursions/Events as per the Itinerary
    • Entrance fees on Excursions/Events as per the Itinerary unless otherwise stated
    • Tour information Pack with suggested routes and GPS co-ordinates
    • Michelin Country Maps
    • DK Turkey Guidebook
    • DK Cyprus Guidebook
    • Services of Tour Directors, travelling in their own motorhome

Excursions, Events & Meals

    • Welcome Reception
    • Dinner on outward Italy to Greece ferry
    • Welcome to Turkey dinner with wine
    • Safranbolu dinner
    • Visit of Safranbolu and the surrounding area with lunch
    • Dinner in Amasra with wine
    • Excursion to Sinop with lunch
    • Hattusa campsite breakfast
    • Visit of the archaeological site of Hattusa
    • Visit to Cappadocia cave dwellings
    • Optional hot-air balloon trip over Cappadocia with Tour Directors (Payable locally)
    • Optional Turkish bath visit with Tour Directors (Payable locally)
    • Ferry to Cyprus
    • Welcome to Cyprus dinner with wine
    • Visit to Kantara Castle
    • Dinner in Karpaz region with wine
    • Karpaz Hotel breakfast
    • Guided excursion to Lefkosa
    • Guided visit of Famagusta with lunch
    • Dinner in coastal town of Zygi with wine
    • Boat trip along the Akamas Peninsular with lunch
    • Visit to the ‘Baths of Aphrodite’ with lunch
    • Troodos mountains dinner with wine
    • Rural family dinner with wine
    • Guided excursion to Lefkosia
    • Excursion to Pafos with lunch
    • Farewell Evening with Dinner and wine

This tour starts at Bologna in Italy, but if you would like to travel on the outward journey with the Tour Directors please book the optional tour package so that everything can be arranged on your behalf


    • Return Dover/Calais Ferry with 60-day Flexible Ticket + Club Class Lounge
    • Five additional camping nights with electric hook-up starting in Kent on 16th September and followed by Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
    • Group Dinner in German campsite
    • Tour information pack with suggested routes and GPS co-ordinates
    • Services of Tour Directors travelling in their own motorhome


Motorhome with 2 people = £000 per person
Motorhome with 1 person = £000