March and Coronavirus is very much in the news

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

March and Coronavirus is very much in the news, with it making people think what impact this will have on future travel plans. As a business GB Motorhome Tours is monitoring very closely the Coronavirus situation, in particular how this is developing in countries across Europe for the bearing it will have on tours, both those currently taking place and those due to start shortly. The UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office travel advice is a major source of information in this process along with information received from our suppliers in all countries across Europe. GB Motorhome Tours remains flexible in its approach to tours and ready to make changes if these are advised or if common sense dictates these would be sensible. The wellbeing of our Customers and our Tour Directors is of the highest priority. Current Foreign & Commonwealth Office travel advice around Coronavirus for UK citizens can be viewed at any time by clicking on

As the situation of the Coronavirus alters in one country to another, travelling in your own motorhome in the outdoors is likely to be one of the safest forms of travel going forward for some time to come. It could also prove to be amongst the safest ways of spending leisure time over the next few months.

For those currently away in their motorhomes on our Canary Islands tour they are comfortably located on a campsite in Gran Canaria, as Spain starts two weeks of travel restrictions. The strong relationship between GB Motorhome Tours and local campsites is keeping them comfortable along with ensuring all tour participants are supplied with the things they need. Whilst the restrictions are limiting external travel activities they continue to be in warm sunny weather with blue skies each day as they make their own group entertainments.

Camping El Pinillo, Gran Canaria 17/03/2020

The Coronavirus situation is likely to continue to change rapidly and GB motorhome Tours will keep monitoring this for all tours. Those who have tour bookings will receive email updates as information becomes available that could impact upon their tour, the first of these emails has already been sent to all with reservations up to July 2020. If you have any questions relating to tour reservations feel free to email these to us. However please keep in mind, if you are requesting a general update for your tour there will be nothing further we can advise. Immediately as any information is known that affects each tour this will be emailed to all tour participants. GB Motorhome Tours aim is to always offer a safe and enjoyable environment for travel in your own motorhome to many great places, and we will continue to do all we can to achieve this. Should this not prove to be possible for a tour and it has to be cancelled by GB Motorhome Tours (this is not something we will do lightly but will do when it is no longer safe or sensible to continue) then being a tour operator that fully embraces the 1992 Package Tour Regulations all money paid to GB Motorhome Tours is completely protected and will be refunded in full.

The Coronavirus situation in the UK is also fluctuating. Over the next month GB motorhome tours were scheduled to be at two of the early season outdoor motorhome shows. The first of these was to be in Harrogate over the weekend of 20 – 22 March but this event has now been cancelled.

In April we are due to be at the National Motorhome Show in Peterborough, this has also been cancelled but Warner’s are trying to move this to a weekend later in the year.

We hope everyone keeps safe in these changing times and that we are all again very soon making good use of our motorhomes.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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February and motorhomes are already in summer conditions

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

February and motorhomes are already in summer conditions. For those on our winter Canary Islands tour they are enjoying great sunny days and hot temperatures close to 30 degrees. They have so far spent 10 days on Tenerife and are now on the smaller island of La Palma before they return to Tenerife for the start of the Canarian carnival season.

Caravaning Club La Palma, Canary Islands 11/02/2020

A frequently asked question about the Canary Islands tour is how does the weather compare to that of spending the winter in Spain. Len and Eileen Breakwell who are currently on the tour sum this up as “having spent many winters in our motorhome in Spain the weather in the Canary Islands is far better. From first thing in the morning to late evening the weather is warm and dry, it’s a good season ahead of Spain at this time of year.”

If you would like to register your interest in the next available Canary Islands tour and to receive the itinerary in advance of it being made generally available send us an email requesting this.

Back at home next month is the start of the Warners outdoor show season with the Yorkshire Motorhome Show taking place in Harrogate over the weekend of 20 – 22 March. GB Motorhome Tours are supporting the event and exhibiting at the show (stand number 97a) so do come along where some of our Tour Directors will be on hand to answer questions and advise on all aspects of our tours, including the new ones for 2021.

Whilst travelling abroad and paying for items we are often asked which company GB Motorhome Tours uses for foreign currency exchanges. GB Motorhome Tours use a company called ‘Caxton fx’ for euro and other currency transactions, and pay mostly via Caxtons pre-paid cards that can be used as a normal debit card for purchases or in ATM machines worldwide to obtain cash. Caxton have always offered an efficient service linked with competitive exchange rates to GB Motorhome Tours and are now offering customers of GB Motorhome Tours the same facilities. To explore their offer click on the link

Sunrise at ‘Vega-Norte’ winery, La Palma, Canary Islands 05/02/2020 

We look forward to soon escorting you and your motorhome to great places

Kindest regards,
Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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January and there are many great 2020 motorhome travels to look forward to

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

As we enter the New Year we look forward to many great motorhome travels throughout 2020. Our 2020 tour programme has already began with those on the Canary Islands tour making their way to southern Spain ready for the ferry to Tenerife next week. In the Canary Islands they can expect to find plenty of sunshine and already those on the optional travel from UK with Tour Directors package are beginning to experience nice days as they cross central Spain.

Camping Burgos, central Spain 17/01/2020

For a getaway to warm climates later this year take a look at our

  • June Delightful Denmark tour with visits to Tonder, Ribe, Jesperhus, Aarhus, Odense, Roskilde and Copenhagen all included.
  • June Italy Down to the Heel tour covering the northern lakes all the way to the south with stops at Milan, Pisa and Rome en-route.
  • June/July Rhine in Flames Spectacular for a shorter tour of fireworks and romance along the river Rhine.
  • September/October Sicily tour combining the history of 2,500 years of mixed rule on this wonderful island with warm Mediterranean coastal visits.

The above tours can be viewed by clicking on the tour name and booked on our website.

Looking beyond 2020 we are finalising our spring 2021 tours and those to Greece, Turkey, Poland and the Baltic States will soon be available on our website. Many tours do become fully booked so as you decide which tour(s) you would like to join it’s better to make a reservation at that point. Tours for later next year will be added to the website over the next couple of months including tours in France, Germany, Croatia, Norway, Austria and Cyprus.

Remember all our tours are a lot more than just us booking campsites for you; they all include group excursions with transport, a number of group meals, services of our Tour Directors travelling with the tour in their own motorhome, full printed tour information pack, all GPS co-ordinates for your Sat Nav and of course all the campsite are pre booked for you. Additionally, complete flexibility for you to decide to meet us at the start of the tour (which will be in/near the country of destination) or to have everything arranged for you all the way from the UK by including the ‘optional travel from UK with Tour Directors package’. Within this package are included additional campsite nights between the UK and the start of the tour, your fully flexible return cross channel ferry with entry to the ships Club Lounge and the services of our Tour Directors travelling with you from the UK.

Where will your travels take you?

Wherever you choose to travel Brexit is looking very likely to start to take effect on 31/01/2020. In response to this many UK motorhome insurers are now advising those who will be out of the UK with their motorhome after this date to obtain a ‘Green Card’ from them. If you are to be away after 31/01/2020 it could be worth checking if your insurers wish for you to have a ‘Green Card’ with you and ask them to issue one accordingly.

We look forward to travelling with you throughout 2020 and beyond. If there is anything you wish to ask about any tours feel free to contact us at any stage, we are always happy to answer questions.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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December and motorhomes are still touring

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,
With the festive season fast approaching all of us at GB Motorhome Tours wish you a Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2020. Thank you for travelling with us during 2019 where throughout the year 18 different countries have been visited on motorhome tours. From Norway in the north to the Canary Islands and Greece in the south, from Portugal in the west across to Estonia in the east, and in-between – France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. For next year we add to this list, with tours to Turkey, Sicily and the Balkans – click on the tour name to view their itineraries.

Our last tour for 2019 finished this week with guests returning from the French Christmas Extravaganza; featuring 4 nights in Paris including a Champagne evening at the Moulin Rouge, 2 nights for the ‘Habits de Lumiere’ festival in Epernay at the heart of the Champagne region and a ‘farewell evening’ at Chateau Cocove.

Motorhoming in Epernay, France – December 2019

‘Thank you for an excellent tour, it was everything we had hoped for and come to expect from GB Motorhome Tours.’ Clive & Sue Swift – Christmas Extravaganza – Dec 2019

‘Thank you Chris and Alan for another excellent tour all perfectly organised as usual. We enjoyed it very much and look forward to travelling with GB Motorhome Tours again.’ Lavinia & Mike George – Christmas Extravaganza – Dec 2019

Next years festive season tour includes visits to Bruges in Belgium, Valkenburg in Holland and Aachen in Germany; all part of the Magical Christmas Markets 2020 tour. Full tour details are available by clicking on the tour name and bookings for this trip can now be made on our website.

Our website has recently had a photos page added, where we are displaying pictures showing some of the great places that have been reached by motorhomes whilst on GB motorhome tours. Click here to view this new content and if you have tour photos featuring motorhomes you would like to have considered for inclusion, please email them to us as we would love to receive these.

Over the Christmas period, outside of the bank holidays, our office will be open to answer any questions or assist with any tour reservations you wish to make, so feel free to contact us by email or telephone. With a number of our 2020 tours becoming fully booked the festive season could be a good time to make plans for next year’s holidays, and for those holding loyalty discount vouchers from this year’s tours remember these are valid for reservation made up to 31/12/2019.

One of our available tours and a great spring getaway for next year is the Delightful Denmark tour throughout June. Spending 19 nights in Denmark this tour takes in Tønder Denmark’s oldest Market town, the art inspired town of Ribe, Aarhus Denmark’s second largest city & European 2017 Capital of Culture, Hans Christian Anderson’s town of Odense and Denmark’s capital city & number one tourist destination Copenhagen. Full tour details are available by clicking on Delightful Denmark Tour Itinerary.

Before we get to spring, remember throughout the damper winter months motorhome manufacturers recommend owners remove cushions and bedding from their vans and store these indoors for dryness. Often the practicality of doing this is not easy, so a simpler alternative can be to periodically run a de-humidifier inside the motorhome to keep moisture levels low. Also doing this for 24 hours before taking your motorhome on a winter trip can be particularly beneficial, ensuring you set out in a cosy dry van.

Have a great festive season and we look forward to seeing you in 2020.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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November and it’s possible to be motorhoming in warm sunny weather

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

November and it’s possible to still be motorhoming in warm sunny weather. Whilst the weather for motorhoming in the UK has been challenging of late, our Tour Directors Nurcan and Kevin Griffiths have been enjoying lots of warm sunny days as they finalise the research for a completely new tour of Cyprus in 2021. Being the Mediterranean’s eastern most island Cyprus enjoys a near perfect autumn climate, throughout October and well into November little rain is experienced leaving clear blue skies and temperatures in the high 20’s. If you fancy this tour and would like to receive an advance copy of the itinerary, along with having first opportunity of reserving a tour place, send us an email and we will pre-register your interest.

Motorhoming in Cyprus – November 2019

Another and earlier opportunity to escape the cold, whilst enjoying motorhoming in near perfect weather is to join this winters tour to the Canary Islands. Starting in southern Spain on 20 January 2020 (or from the UK on 13 January) it offers 70 nights of warm touring through Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and Gran Canaria. Click here for the full Canary Islands Tour Itinerary and to book the tour visit the GB Motorhome Tours website.

Motorhoming in Tenerife – February 2019

Recent tour participants Mike & Penny Summers wrote a poem of their Swiss Magic 2019 trip, summing up their experiences.

Lucerne was our start, on a hot summer’s day
The GB Tour has arrived, the locals did say.
Some all in a group, from Kent they did come
Others arrived from all points of the sun.
Drinks & nibbles hosted by Alan and Chris
All sitting & chatting about that, & of course, this.

A boat on the lake & a cog railway so tall
Sandy convinced it would topple over & fall.
Up on Pilatus views of many mountains afar
All of us dreading the descent by cable car.
But after a meal & a glass of the best
We all got back safe, completed the first test.

On a bright sunny day we all walked to a train
Up into the hills, steep funicular again.
But today had a twist & additional frights
For those that thought they had no head for heights.
A little toy train along steep mountain edge
The grand Essom Dam & it’s Café on a ledge.

A choice of routes, mountain top or motorway
To the loveliest village in Switzerland some say:
Lauterbrunnen, so pretty & such a welcoming site
With drinks & nibbles in soft evening light.
Just one small snag, not terribly handy
We were all full of snacks & booze thanks to David & Sandy!

Some made it to Schilthorn & James Bond was the theme
No snow but three-sixty degrees of mountains were see.
The Martini’s were shaken, not stirred, up so high
But an international incident, oh my, oh my:
All Mick did was move tables to the rotating bit
Less than one degree round & the waiter had a fit!

But despite all the fun & the laughs along the way
Now the tour is over, we are all sorry to say.
Tomorrow we split up & eventually reach home
But memories live on until we once again roam.
Most important of all, & a message not to miss
Is our hearty thanks to both Alan & Chris.

Every motorhome has a gas connection and over the last few years the use of LPG refillable bottles/tank has become increasingly popular with motorhomers in place of using conventional ‘Calor’ style exchange cylinders. Additionally a number of motorhome manufacturers, particularly van converters, are now installing LPG tanks as part of their standard build. Using refillable LPG over traditional exchange cylinders gives the convenience of being able to fill up with gas at petrol stations all across Europe, as well as in the UK, and it works out far cheaper than exchanging cylinders. An excellent website for locating LPG stations in all countries is, where full address details of the station are available including GPS co-ordinates for your Sat. Nav.

Enjoy your winter motorhoming and we look forward to escorting you to great places in the sun soon.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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October and where will you stop with your motorhome?

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

October and where will you stop with your motorhome? A highlight for many people whilst travelling in a motorhome is the ability to take a break in a stunning location. From two of our recent tours are such locations.

Red Rock – Sardinia September 2019

Shipka Pass – Bulgaria September 2019

Our tours of Sardinia, Switzerland and Romania/Bulgaria have all recently been completed with customer reviews from these.

‘A tour of contrasts, beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery, with some great driving routes. All ably led by Ron & Sue – thank you both.’ Carolyn & Roger Metcalfe – Sardinia – Sept 2019

‘Thank you Ron & Sue for a most enjoyable tour of Sardinia. GB Motorhome Tours certainly take you to great places and give you experiences that you could not get if travelling alone. This was our 5th tour with the company and we are looking forward to the next.’ June & Graham Perkins – Sardinia – Sept 2019

‘Our first tour with GB Motorhome Tours and we have really enjoyed it. Everything was organised and we have certainly seen a lot of Sardinia. We will return.’ Michele & Paul Steele – Sardinia – Sept 2019

‘This tour really was magic! We ventured on trips we would never have contemplated on our own and enjoyed such an amazing experience from places like the top of the Jungfrau. The organisers Alan & Chris did their usual superb job of looking after us.’  Ann & John Edwards – Swiss Magic – Sept 2019

‘Our first time with GB Motorhome Tours and it will not be our last. The tour leaders were first class – efficient, helpful and knowledgeable.  Many thanks.’ Peter & Denise Ranger – Swiss Magic – Sept 2019

‘Enjoyed our first trip with GB Motorhome Tours very much.  More relaxed holiday than we have experienced in the past with other companies and plenty of knowledge and information at the tour leaders fingertips for individual trips in our own time.’  Thelma & Clive Winter – Swiss Magic – Sept 2019

‘We have been on many tours but this was our first with GB Motorhome Tours and it more than satisfied our expectations. The countries and routes travelled were well chosen and activities well organised, Leadership was first class and as such made for a happy holiday.’ Barry & Di Short – Romania & Bulgaria – Sept/Oct 2019

‘Very different, and very interesting countries, which is what we were hoping to experience and we weren’t disappointed. Bring your appetite to this tour! Have already booked our next trip with GB Motorhome Tours.’ Pete & Di Saunders – Romania & Bulgaria – Sept/Oct 2019

Before our tours start again, with the 7 night Christmas Extravaganza in December and our 70 night winter trip to the Canary Islands in January, over the weekend of 1st – 3rd November we are exhibiting at both Lowdhams in Nottingham during their NovemberFest weekend, and at Camper UK for their Bonfire Extravaganza weekend. If you are attending either event do come along and see us.

Remember with November approaching and cooler temperatures arriving if you’re not using your motorhome drain down the water systems to avoid potential damage from frozen tanks and pipes. How to do this is usually covered in your motorhome habitation manuals, or if in doubt give your motorhome dealer a call and they should be able to guide you.

Enjoy your winter motorhoming and we hope to see you on a tour soon.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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September is a popular motorhoming month

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

September is one of the most popular months for motorhome travel, a time when good weather can be enjoyed in many great locations. Currently GB Motorhome Tours have 50 motorhomes travelling on continental tours. In central Europe there is the Swiss Magic tour taking place, in the Mediterranean the Sardinia tour and in Eastern Europe the Romania & Bulgaria tour; all of which are enjoying fantastic touring weather of warm sunny days combined with comfortably cool nights.

Camping in Transylvania – Romania & Bulgaria tour September 2019

Camping in Switzerland – Swiss Magic tour September 2019

For continued great weather into the winter months our Canary Islands tour offers you the opportunity of travelling with warm sunny days throughout January, February & March as we tour four of the islands. Enjoy 70 nights on Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera & Gran Canary – all in your own motorhome.

Before the UK winter starts GB Motorhome Tours have a weekend get together taking place over the weekend of 1-3 November 2019. There is a full weekend of included events taking place along with 2 nights camping at Camper UK’s own park (note hook-ups are not available and use of own motorhome facilities are required).

Friday 1st November

  • Arrive on site at a time to suit yourself
  • Early evening GB Motorhome Tours drinks reception
  • Fish & Chip van on site (payable locally)
  • Evening entertainment in Camper UK marquee with cheap bar and proceeds going to charity

Saturday 2nd November

  • Shuttle transport between campsite and Camper UK in Lincoln with discounts available on all accessories
  • Evening dinner for all
  • Entertainment in Camper UK marquee again with cheap bar and proceeds going to charity
  • Firework display

Sunday 3rd November

  • Bacon rolls for GB Motorhome Tours guests
  • Depart in your own time

(Some events are weather dependent and may be subject to amendments)

It is also possible to arrive on Thursday 31st October (additional £5 payable), where Tour Directors from GB Motorhome Tours will be there to welcome you.

We hope to see you soon.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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August and it’s take off time

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

August and it’s take off time, this week GB Motorhome Tours has been attending the Bristol Balloon Fiesta where there is a small motorhome show taking place. On Thursday morning the weather proved ideal for the mass balloon launch with around 60 balloons of all shapes and sizes taking off.

Bristol Balloon Fiesta – 6:00am 8th August 2019

Bristol Balloon Fiesta – 6:30am 8th August 2019

Next weekend we are at the Western Motorhome Show in Malvern. This very popular event will have over 250 exhibitors offering every possible accessory for your motorhome along with 50 motorhome dealers displaying over 500 models. GB Motorhome Tours stand is number 158 so do come along and see us; with all our Tour Directors in attendance it’s a great opportunity to discuss all aspects of continental motorhome touring.

Shortly after Malvern our touring season starts again with trips going to SwitzerlandRomania & Bulgaria and Sardinia. There is now just one cancellation place available on the Romania & Bulgaria tour if you wish to join this adventure with your motorhome. The tour takes you through two of Eastern Europe’s least explored countries with 30 days of travel where you will experience the real countries and see them before too many others discover their charms. Throughout the tour also enjoy the local cuisine with an above average number of group meals included so don’t expect to be cooking much whilst away! To book this one available place visit or telephone us.

Moving into Autumn this is a popular time to give thought to winter holidays. For travelling in your motorhome over the winter months whilst enjoying summer like weather our Canary Islands tour offers a unique opportunity to escape the UK cold. Departing from Southern Spain on 21 January 2020 we sail to the Canary Islands for 10 weeks of touring on Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and Gran Canaria. Within the tour are included many excursions and group meals to enjoy & learn of the islands cultures and traditions. If 10 weeks is too long for you to be away it is also possible for us to tailor a package for you to complete a part of the tour. Details of the Full tour are available by clicking on Canary Islands 2020 tour or should you wish to complete a part of the tour email or telephone us.

Our programme of tours for next year is now finalised with the recent addition of Italy – Down to the Heel 2020 tour. This is an altogether new tour, fully researched and ready for next year. The tour is available in two parts: Italy – Down to the Heel – The North (10 nights from the Northern Lakes to Rome) and Italy – Down to the Heel – The South (21 nights from Pompeii to Puglia). You can choose either part, or the complete 32 night tour. The choice is yours. Full details by clicking on the names above and bookings on

For cooking & heating, many motorhomes now use LPG refillable gas cylinders/tanks rather than the more traditional style ‘Calor’ exchange cylinders. Refillable LPG offers a number of advantages over exchange cylinders, not least that LPG is available all across Europe so you can top-up as required whilst touring and at a price around 60% (or more) cheaper than exchanging a cylinder back at home. Whilst always cheaper, it is worth being aware that LPG prices vary considerably across Europe and don’t always follow diesel prices in relation to which countries offer the best value. Belgium is one of the cheapest countries for LPG whilst at the same time being one of the most expensive for diesel. A full list of European LPG prices is available at

Enjoy the remainder of the summer and we look forward to escorting you and your motorhome to great places soon.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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July and the summer show season is here

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

June and into July has seen GB Motorhome Tours travel west along the Atlantic Coast of France, north up to Norway, around The Baltic States in the east and through Bavaria in the south on four very different tours. Only the Baltic States tour remains away, with them taking advantage of the small summer window that exists for touring these countries. From the three completed tours some customer reviews

‘A brilliant tour with an excellent mix of activities, some we would never have chosen to do ourselves, all thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks Alan & Chris for making it special.  All the best’ Gill and John Kirk – An Atlantic Coast Adventure – June 2019

‘Our first ever group trip, never disappointed. We loved every minute. A great group of people. Thank you Alan & Chris for all your hard work.’ Nina & Michael Atkin – An Atlantic Coast Adventure – June 2019

‘This was a very enjoyable well organised tour with lots of interesting places to visit. The tour leaders, Alan & Chris, couldn’t do enough for you – they were so helpful.’  Yvonne Romer – An Atlantic Coast Adventure – June 2019

‘Thank you Liz and Dave- a well researched and organised tour. You gave us an insight into a country we know little about but to which we hope to return.’ Barbara and John Hughes – Southern Norway – June 2019

‘Thank you Liz and Dave for an excellent tour. Norway was stunning- even when it rains. What a beautiful country we went to and saw so many wonderful and interesting places with you both as tour leaders. We look forward to travelling with GB Motorhome Tours again soon.’ Lavinia and Mike George – Southern Norway – June 2019

‘Another great GB Tour – we loved Norway. Fantastic scenery, probably the most beautiful country we have ever visited. Good roads and transport system, friendly locals and excellent company. An all round wonderful experience.’ Joy and Dennis Coffin – Southern Norway – June 2019

‘Southern Norway was our first GB Motorhome Tour but it won’t be our last. In fact we’ve already booked two more! We fully understand the meaning of breath-taking scenery after our trip. We will never forget the white veins of Norway. Lots of laughs (despite the rain) from start to finish. Thank you Liz and Dave’ – Carolyn and Nick Griffiths – Southern Norway – June 2019

‘A well organised tour, taking in the beautiful Bavarian countryside – mountains, villages & lakes. The guided visits enabled us to enjoy and appreciate the different aspects of Bavarian history and culture. A big thank you to Sue & Ron, our tour directors, nothing was too much trouble’ Jill & Jim Beeley – Southern Bavaria – June 2019

‘Bavaria ticked all the boxes, this tour was exactly what we expected.’ Kristin & Roger – Southern Bavaria – June 2019

Whilst all tours maintain the common theme of including the best campsites available in the areas being visited, along with interesting excursions and good quality group meals, each tour has a unique feel to it as it embraces the best aspects of each country. On the Norway tour and the Baltic States tour, nature plays a big role in these countries and creates some lovely camping opportunities.

Camping in Estonia – The Baltic States tour July 2019

Camping in Norway – Southern Norway tour June 2019

Now that the school holidays are almost upon us GB Motorhome Tours takes a break from touring, leaving the campsites for families to enjoy their holidays. We start touring again towards the end of August with trips to Sardinia, Switzerland and Romania/Bulgaria. There remains one space available on the Swiss Magic tour, and there is currently 1 cancellation place available on each of the Romania/Bulgaria tour and the Sardinia tour. To book one of these places visit our website

For the GB Motorhome Tour Directors their travelling over the next month or so takes place in the UK, with us exhibiting at three of the major summer outdoor shows. A number of our Tour Directors will be at each event so come along and see us, and feel free to ask them any questions. We start next weekend at the Norfolk show in Norwich.

After which we move a few weeks later to the Bristol Balloon Festival (8 – 11 August), where for the second year there will be a motorhome show taking place.

Then to finish off the summer we are at the Western Show in Malvern.

Be aware to remember when you’re next travelling on the continent that speed limits in France on all roads except dual carriage-ways and motorways, have for the past year been reduced to 80km (50mph). We are hearing this limit remains in place and is now being enforced through speed cameras; with the French authorities having linked up with many European countries (UK included) to be able to trace owners of foreign vehicles. Be careful as 80kmh does not feel very fast when travelling on long straight roads with little traffic. For the thinking behind the low limit and for further information on it have a look at

Have a great summer, long may the good weather continue for us to enjoy our outdoor travels and we look forward to escorting you and your motorhome to great places soon.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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June and it’s a popular time to be travelling in a motorhome

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

June and it’s a popular time to be travelling in a motorhome. Currently on GB Motorhome Tours there are over 60 motorhomes travelling throughout Europe, from Norway in the north West, to the Baltic States in the north East, along the Atlantic coast of France and down to the southern German region of Bavaria.

On all tours we look to include an overnight stop at a special place of interest, and usually combine this with dinner in the venue. It’s lovely to overnight in your motorhome in such wonderful places where at the end of the evening it’s nothing more than a few steps back to your motorhome bed.

Over-night at Harburg Castle – Southern Bavaria tour June 2019

Over-night at Parador Fuente De – Undiscovered Spain & Portugal tour May 2019

On the Baltic States tour the group will be over-nighting at a Latvian Basilica complete with supper in the local bread museum. Look out for details from this evening in next months newsletter.

From the recently completed Undiscovered Spain & Portugal tour a few customer reviews.

‘As always Chris and Alan have gone the extra mile to make GB Motorhome Tours the best in the industry. Thank you both yet again.’ Iain and Sue Munro – Undiscovered Spain & Portugal – May 2019

‘Solo or as a couple you can expect and will receive a first class tour with a great many highlights and surprises to delight you.’ Alan Flux – Undiscovered Spain & Portugal – May 2019

‘An excellent insight into Northern Spain & Portugal ably led by Alan and Chris.’ Sue and Derek Davies – Undiscovered Spain & Portugal – May 2019

During the summer months GB Motorhome Tours will have stands at a number of the motorhome shows taking place. (more…)