January and the hope is for a very different travel year

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

January and the start of the year sees much hope for better travel conditions in 2021 compared to 2020. The vaccine programme is having a strong roll out and with it comes the real anticipation that it will lead to more normal conditions for all aspects of life, including future travel. Whilst this can’t come quick enough for most, the exact timing of when this will be reached remains a little unknown at this stage.

At GB Motorhome Tours we continue to operate in a very flexible way, so we are well positioned to adapt to changing circumstances. Whilst we remain hopeful to offer all 2021 tours as planned, some of the early Spring tours may be just too early to benefit from a completed vaccine programme and could require some changes, time will give us the answer to this. In all situations, customers with tour bookings will be kept updated prior to any balance payments becoming due and thereafter, as the time gets closer to the tours start date. Like in 2020, GB Motorhome Tours will be looking to provide as many options as possible to all those with tour bookings. If your planned tour cannot proceed, wherever possible alternative tours will be offered covering a similar time period. Some of these could be in ‘closer to home’ destinations when these are offering a safe and sensible alternative. Should continental travel remain challenging at any stage in 2021, GB Motorhome Tours have trips covering Ireland and Scotland fully researched and ready to go. These can be made available at short notice and can also be arranged fully socially distanced should this be a requirement.

Sango Sands Camping, Scotland October 2020 (Included on Scottish Tours)

On all tour bookings, customers money remains secured in a dedicated trust account and continues to be fully protected throughout. In any instance of GB Motorhome Tours cancelling a tour (Covid-19 included) all customers money paid directly for that tour becomes fully refundable or transferable to an alternative tour, the choice is yours to make at the time.

GB Motorhome Tours remains confident that throughout this year a good number of tours will be completed for those who choose to travel in 2021. Hopefully many of these will be as planned, but where this is not possible, then to alternative destinations.

With an expectation that plenty of touring in 2021 will take place, over the next few months within our newsletters, various aspects of travel post Brexit will be covered. This will cover items that need (or are advised) to be considered prior to undertaking continental travel going forward. The UK-EU Brexit deal has kept many things simpler for future continental travel rather than would have been in a no deal scenario, however there are items that will be different from here on. This month we look at the European Health Insurance Card, well known by many as the EHIC. It is good news this has been included in the Brexit agreement and is being continued with, albeit under the new name of GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card) from the UK governments side. Thankfully, it is only the name that is changing, the scheme itself remains as comprehensive as previously, where importantly it covers any emergency medical treatment required whilst in EU member countries. If you already have an EHIC (plastic credit card size) these remain valid until the expiry date, when they will upon application, be replaced with a GHIC. To apply for a GHIC, if you don’t have an existing EHIC or it has expired, click on the link below.

Apply for a free NHS issued Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)

The fact the scheme also covers pre-existing medical conditions is a strong reason to carry the card with you on all continental tours. Whilst personal travel insurance remains strongly advised to cover many things the scheme does not address, the GHIC/EHIC scheme will supplement your travel insurance. Importantly it will cover all emergency medical needs, including in the event of your travel insurance refusing a claim for treatment. Start planning for your future travel, apply for your card now in preparation for your next trip.

Despite the lockdown, GB Motorhome Tours continues to work as normal with everyone working from home. So feel free to contact us with anything you would like to ask, we always aim to respond to enquiries either the same or next working day.

Take good care of yourselves and we hope to be travelling with you soon.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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December and Christmas feels very different this year

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

As we enter the festive season, from all of us at GB Motorhome Tours we wish you a Merry Christmas. We hope for those who are wanting to be with family members over the coming period, this is both possible and works out for you.

2020 has been a particularly difficult year for travel, with many challenges being faced for continental travel, to the point that almost all the planned GB Motorhome Tours throughout 2020 had to be cancelled. However, not being a tour operator to give up, whilst continental travel has been unrealistic for most of the year, GB Motorhome Tours did turn its experience for organising interesting tours to arranging some closer to home tours. In September, a 24 day Coastal Ireland tour and a 12 day England Flamingos to Fossils tour were both completed. These were enjoyed by 30 motorhomes across the two tours. Additionally, over this last week a UK December Get Away tour has been taking place throughout the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and Somerset.

Wells Camping, Somerset – UK December Get Away tour

It’s been great to be able to get away safely in these difficult times. Ron and Sue have done a wonderful job to keep us safe and able to socialise with others in the group. Barbara and Peter Ball – UK December Get Away tour 2020

As 2020 comes towards an end we look towards 2021 and sincerely hope things will be different as the new year progresses; to allow life to return to a more normal and to allow us to travel freely once again. In 2021 GB Motorhome Tours have many great tours scheduled for the year. We are constantly monitoring all aspects of travel so as to assess any impact ongoing restrictions and regulations may have on these. Also, and most importantly of all, for the safety of those booked to travel on each tour along with our Tour Directors scheduled to lead each of the tours. Tour participants with bookings for 2021 will be kept updated regarding their tours; as information covering the time and location of the tour becomes available an email update will be sent. At this stage it is too early to gauge how things will be from the Spring of 2021 onwards, however if you have any concerns regarding your booking for any 2021 tour you may email these to us at any time. Remember, as a registered Tour Operator, GB Motorhome Tours fully protects all customers money in a dedicated trust account, so should your tour not be able to proceed for whatever reason (Covid-19 included) and is cancelled by GB Motorhome Tours, then all of your money is safe and becomes fully refundable.

Before we get to spring, keep in mind throughout the damper winter months motorhome manufacturers recommend owners to remove cushions and bedding from their vans and store these indoors for dryness. Often the practicality of doing this is not easy, so a simpler alternative can be to periodically run a de-humidifier inside the motorhome to keep moisture levels low. Also doing this for 24 hours before taking your motorhome on a winter trip can be particularly beneficial, ensuring you set out in a cosy dry van.

We hope you have a good and safe festive season, we look forward to travelling with you soon.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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November sees two new tours for December

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

November and touring in England is temporarily suspended, with the nation in ‘lockdown 2’. For the remainder of the UK, travel continues mostly permitted. It is fully anticipated from 3rd December as England exits lockdown, travel and overnight stays will again be permitted for all. Once this is confirmed, travel in our own motorhomes will once again provide us with a very safe way of being away from home and out & about.

In full expectation of the England lockdown coming to an end as planned in early December, GB Motorhome Tours has put together two socially distanced tours for getting away in December. The first of these is a UK tour which will appeal to all, whilst the second is a tour for the more adventurous traveller looking to escape for the winter.

Offering the opportunity of a UK Pre-Christmas Get Away our newly arranged 7 night socially distance Cotswold & Somerset tour provides the chance to tour in a wonderful area of our country whilst having Christmas events built into the tour. Two real highlights of the tour will be the stay and visit to TV’s countryfile featured Adams Farm, and the visit to Wells Cathedral & Bishops Palace. The full tour itinerary is available to view on the GB Motorhome Tours website where places for the tour can now be booked. See

New Year Camping in Tenerife

The second tour is a winter long trip to the Canary Islands. This tour is fully socially distanced and with a great winter climate, the Canary Islands ideally lead themselves to outdoor activities, which all evidence suggests is the safest place to be regarding Coronavirus. The Canary Islands are currently exempt from the UK Government’s list of destinations to quarantine from, so the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) recommendation is no longer against travel to them. The full tour itinerary is available to view on the GB Motorhome Tours website where places for the tour can be booked. In considering this tour it’s important to understand that continental travel at this time requires compliance with local regulations and tour itinerary alterations may be needed due to changing local situations, some of which could be at short notice. It is also necessary to have in place travel insurance that provides cover in the event of FCO advice being ‘against all but essential travel’. Check your own policy, if this is not covered then a single trip policy can be arranged through StaySure Insurance, who offer an extension to their policy for this. This tour offers the possibility of travel throughout this winter, to those with an open mind for travel in the current circumstances and who have a flexible approach to touring.

GB Motorhome Tours continues to monitor the situation for travel across all countries, always with the aim of protecting the wellbeing of tour participants whilst also to minimise any disruptions as much as possible to any tours. Feel free to contact us if you would like to ask anything about any tour or to chat through the practicalities of travel at this time.

The recent announcement of a Covid-19 vaccine is very welcome news and something that could have a very positive impact on travel, with hopefully some or much of next year beginning to return to a more normal. In this respect, once it can be seen travel is returning to a more normal, GB Motorhome Tours will be introducing further touring opportunities for next year. Details of additional 2021 tours will be contained in future newsletters and also on the GB Motorhome Tours website.

In preparing your motorhome for getting away on a winter trip, if you have access to a de-humidifier run this in your motorhome for a day or two prior to departure. You will then find upon departure your van feels nice & dry and ready for use. It can also be beneficial to periodically do this, even when not using the motorhome, to keep moisture levels inside low.

Throughout the winter the GB Motorhome Tours office remains fully open so feel free to contact us with anything you would like to ask about any tours.

We look forward to traveling with you soon.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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October and new specially designed socially distanced tours have been taking place

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

October and some new specially designed socially distanced tours have recently come to an end. Over the last month, two GB Motorhome Tours have been taking place, both of these being newly and specifically designed to meet touring requirements within the current environment of Coronavirus. With both tours being socially distanced, they provided comfortable opportunities for travel whilst offering the maximum level of safe social participation between tour members.

The UK Flamingos to Fossils tour saw participants travel from Slimbridge in Gloucestershire, along the North Somerset coast and across Exmoor to finish on the Jurassic south coast. The weather was exceptionally kind throughout, allowing the outdoors to be enjoyed in full.

The last night of the UK Flamingos to Fossils tour – Sept 2020

Thank you to Iain and Sue Munro for supplying the above photo. Some customer reviews from the UK Flamingos to Fossils tour.

‘This is our first holiday with GB Motorhome Tours. We have enjoyed all the campsites and places of interest. We must complement our hosts, Liz and David who have made us feel very welcome and have been there at all times to help and guide us. It has been very challenging for them with the Covid changing daily. However, Liz came up with solutions every time.’ – Rita and Peter Barnard

‘This tour was completely different to all our previous GB holidays but still proved to be most enjoyable. Liz and Dave went out of their way to make the trip successful and we have thoroughly enjoyed it.’ – Iain and Sue Munro

‘Our tour directors Liz and David were continually supportive, finding out local places of interest, buses and eateries and especially parking facilities for motorhomes.’ – Chris and Wendy Farrer

The other trip to recently be completed was the Coastal Ireland tour. This saw participants enjoy almost the entire coastline of Ireland, including travelling much of the Wild Atlantic Way, throughout both Northern Ireland and the Republic. Again the tour was fully socially distanced allowing comfortable touring arrangements for all. The Coastal Ireland tour also enjoyed great weather and many stunning campsite locations.

Camping at Galway, Republic of Ireland. Coastal Ireland tour – Sept 2020

Some customer reviews from the Coastal Ireland tour.

‘A quality tour arranged at very short notice. Some very good campsites found in the most beautiful locations. Kevin and Nurcan, as always, superb tour leaders, knowledgeable and always on the ball. Good to have Ron and Sue with us as well, excellent suggestions from them for side trips.’ – Roy and Kath Tipping

‘We really enjoyed our time on the Coastal Ireland tour. Considering the difficult circumstances due to Covid-19 it was excellent, very well organised. We were able to eat group meals in some great restaurants and sample some foods specific to Ireland. The good weather was an added bonus. Thank you Nurcan and Kevin, we are so pleased we joined with GB Motorhome Tours, keep up the good work.’ – Jill and David Earwaker

‘A different tour with the restrictions, but GB pulled out all the stops to make another great adventure. Thank you Kevin and Nurcan.’ – Carolyn and Roger Metcalfe

‘Was the last minute decision to join the GB Coastal Ireland tour a good one? Definitely YES! Travelling around Ireland we were able to appreciate the very varied, dramatic and interesting scenery, knowing that our concerns with the Covid problems and restrictions was being looked after by Kevin and Nurcan in their usual very capable and relaxed manner. Many thanks for another very enjoyable trip.’ – Stuart and Carol May

Both the UK Flamingos to Fossils and the Coastal Ireland tours were replacements for cancelled foreign tours. All of us at GB Motorhome Tours fully understands the disappointment cancelling tours creates and is something that has never been undertaken previous to this year. It is not something we will do lightly, but we will also only travel when it is safe and sensible to do so. GB Motorhome Tours is a very flexible tour operator, so when forced to cancel tours will always try to offer some alternative options to save peoples holidays.

GB Motorhome Tours is continuing to monitor all aspects of travel in these current and very changeable times. This is to monitor the impact restrictions may have on our December Magical Amsterdam Christmas Lights tour and the Switzerland for New Year tour, whilst additionally keeping a longer term eye on how travel may be for next spring onwards. We are also monitoring closely how travel over the winter may look, with a view to trying to offer an opportunity to tour in warmer climates throughout the early months of 2021. If you are interested in trying to get away over the winter, click on the link below to register your interest in any potential tours we can offer. Those with registered interest will automatically receive advance notification of any new tours for this winter and have first opportunity of reserving a place. To register your interest send us a simple email requesting this and we will look after things from there.

With winter approaching and particularly in these times of restricted travel, if you will not be using your motorhome for a period of time remember to drain down the water system to avoid any potential problems from freezing water tanks and pipes. How to do this is usually covered in your motorhome habitation manuals, or if in doubt give your motorhome dealer a call and they should be able to guide you. This should ensure when you come to next use your motorhome you will not encounter water system problems.

Throughout the winter the GB Motorhome Tours office remains fully open so feel free to contact us with anything you wish to ask about any tours.

We look forward to traveling with you soon.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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September and two new tours take place

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

September and there are two new socially distanced GB Motorhome Tours taking place. Whilst travel remains severely curtailed, particularly so for continental travel, we are pleased to have two groups currently touring and making the most of the good weather the UK is experiencing. The UK Flamingos to Fossils tour is now in the north Somerset coastal resort of Porlock where their campsite is ideally located to allow for walks into town and along the coast paths.

Dunmore East Camping, Ireland 12/09/2020

For those on the Coastal Ireland tour they have now reached the south coast where they are staying at Dunmore East camping, which is within an easy walk to the picture perfect coastal village of the same name. They will shortly be making their way along the south coast to arrive at the famous ‘Ring of Kerry’.

Dunmore East village, Ireland

Travelling in a motorhome remains one the safest forms of all travel in these times, where own motorhome facilities can easily be restricted solely to own use. Touring in a motorhome enables travel to continue with the absolute minimum degree of risk. If continental travel remains difficult, GB Motorhome Tours will continue to offer alternative closer to home tours to enjoy. Whilst we cannot offer the full range of included activities usually associated with our tours, we are able to offer all the organisation with the opportunity to travel in the company of like-minded people. With all GB Motorhome Tours one of our experienced Tour Director couples will be with the group from start to finish to facilitate the smooth running of everything.

A number of the 2021 tours released to date are now fully booked. As travel becomes more predictable there will be further tours added to the 2021 programme. Keep an eye on the website for further tour releases, also on our monthly newsletters where these will feature.

Along with the impact Coronavirus is having on travel through restrictions being put in place by various foreign Governments, whilst the UK Government continues to issue warnings through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) against ‘all but essential travel’ to each of the countries it places on its quarantine list, it is important to understand the impact this FCO advice has on travel insurance. If choosing to travel to a destination that the FCO advises against, then almost all travel insurers will reject claims. Normally the FCO only advise against travel to countries when there is deemed to be a real danger to UK citizens choosing to travel in that destination. In the current situation it is very different, with the FCO advising against travel to countries that most would consider to still be safe. Countries like France, Spain, Portugal etc. are all currently listed as being ‘against all but essential travel’. It may be you feel these are safe countries to travel to, but do not wish to travel without insurance cover. For a good while it has already been possible to obtain travel insurance for destinations against FCO advice. This has been provided by a small number of specialist insurers covering this market, but these have tended to be expensive options. Just recently there has become a simpler option for continued travel insurance cover in the Coronavirus times. Mainstream travel insurers Staysure, have added an option to their travel insurance policy that provides policy cover for all European destinations regardless of FCO advice. The only restriction is any claim directly relating to the reason behind the FCO advice would be declined. In the current circumstances this would mean full policy cover for all normal medical and other travel claims, with just specific covid-19 medical claims whilst away being declined. This provides a good level of cover for those choosing to continue to travel, full details about this cover can be found at,

GB Motorhome Tours continues to monitor how travel is in all European destinations. This includes looking at UK Government advice, Foreign Government advice and obtaining information from many campsites and suppliers all across Europe. This gives us a broad picture of the ongoing situation and is used to gauge the possibilities & practicalities for offering tours; both in the immediate future and for the longer term.

If there are any questions you have relating to current travel feel free to contact us, our office remains open and we are happy to assist.

Even in these changeable times we look forward to travelling with you soon, whether this is on a continental tour or one closer to home.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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August and everything is becoming socially distanced

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

August and everything is becoming socially distanced. How easy is it to maintain social distancing whilst travelling in your own motorhome? Surprisingly easy, with almost all fellow campers being respectful to each other whilst on campsites. For further peace of mind, making use of your motorhomes own facilities there is no need to enter the more likely pinch points of the on-site facilities.

Keeping the context of remaining socially distanced whilst travelling in your own motorhome, GB Motorhome Tours have been working on some new tours for this September, with everything arranged to make social distancing both possible and easy. Two new tours have been introduced.

•    Austrian Alps and along the Danube tour – Travel through the amazing scenery of the Austrian Alps including crossing the Grossglockner High Alpine route. From the Alps the tour picks up the River Danube and follows this all the way back to its source in southern Germany.

•    UK Flamingos to Fossils tour – Enjoy a tour in the south of the UK. Travel from the Gloucestershire banks of the River Severn, along the North Somerset/Devon Coast, to cross Exmoor and arrive on the Jurassic South Coast. All socially distanced and travelled in your own motorhome.

Both tours have proved popular since being introduced a week ago. The Austrian Alps and along the Danube tour has now just one place remaining. If you would like to book this, please do so via the booking form on the GB Motorhome Tours website.
The UK Flamingos to Fossils tour is now fully booked. There is a reserve list available, if you would like to be added to this please email us.

Also socially distanced was the re-arranged Peterborough Motorhome Show, which took place over the weekend of 31 July – 2 August. Pleasingly, the event went very well, again with everyone attending seeming to be respectful to others in keeping a sensible distance. With everything being held outdoors at this years shows, this aids to social distancing. The Peterborough show was far bigger than being anticipated, with support from all sectors of the motorhome industry being on display. From large dealers having motorhomes to view, to accessary stands covering all aspects of motorhoming, to stalls of a more general nature. GB Motorhome tours was pleased to support the show, where it was great to catch up with existing customers and new people who wish to travel with us in their motorhomes.

GB Motorhome Tours is also supporting the Malvern Motorhome Show over this weekend (14 – 16 August) with our stand being at number 25A. Do come along and see us. Day entry is free of charge with free parking included. To register for a day ticket, click on the logo below. Camping for the weekend (£30) may also still be available, again click on the logo below for up to date information on this.

In these continuing changeable times it is good to once again be out travelling in our motorhomes. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

The GB Motorhome Tours Team
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July and it is again possible to tour in our motorhomes

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

July and it is again possible to tour in our motorhomes. UK campsites are back open and tour Directors Nurcan and Kevin Griffiths have been out and about travelling along the North Devon coast. Their experiences are they were certainly not alone in taking advantage of the reduced restrictions, with many campsites visited being close to full, particularly over the weekends. Whilst not everything is back to normal and individual care must still be taken seriously, travelling in one’s own motorhome is about the safest form of touring in these current circumstances, particularly when using your motorhomes on-board facilities rather than the campsite blocks.

UK Camping 15/07/2020

Continental travel restrictions are also being reduced making foreign travel once again possible. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice for British citizens is no longer ‘against all but essential travel’ for over 50 listed countries of which almost all European countries are included. Additionally, returning from any of these countries does not require quarantine upon arriving back in the UK. GB Motorhome Tours is hopeful this will allow for some touring to take place throughout the Autumn, albeit changes will be required to the format of tours and maybe also the destinations possible to reach. Tours will need to fit with both UK and local regulations and most importantly, maintain social distancing for all participants. Information is starting to become available of how the summer season is progressing across Europe and this is beginning to provide a good basis for making tour decisions. Those who have bookings for this September tours received an update email a couple of weeks ago and final decisions on these tours are expected to be taken soon. Regarding these tours it has already been decided that those with bookings for September will be left to make their own decision if travel at this time is right for them. If they prefer to defer joining a tour they may switch their booking to a later date with deposits being moved in full. GB Motorhome Tours feel it is important, that in the current situation individuals are able to make their own choices without any pressure of suffering a financial penalty for not travelling.

Throughout the UK at this time of year the big outdoor motorhome shows are usually taking place. Unfortunately, the Norfolk show planned for the end of July at the Norwich showground is now cancelled. However, some better news is the Peterborough (re-arranged from spring) and Malvern events will take place. The exhibition areas and camping at the showgrounds will be available for 3 days, albeit the usual bars and evening entertainment will not be a feature for this year. All exhibitors will be located outdoors and spaciously positioned to allow for social distancing, visitors should be able to feel comfortable attending.

GB Motorhome Tours wish to support these events and will be at the Peterborough show for the 3 days (Friday 31/07 – Sunday 02/08/2020). Do come along and see us where a number of our Tour Directors will be in attendance to chat to, our stand is number 72.

The Malvern event (Friday 14/08 – Sunday 16/08/2020) has only just been confirmed, GB Motorhome Tours are yet to finalise arrangements for this but are hoping to attend.

Entry to both events is free for day visitor (pre-registration required, click on the images above for this) and £30 for 3 nights camping (bookable in advance, again click on the above images to arrange this).

In these continuing changeable times it is good that motorhome travel is once again possible, with the opportunity of spending time outdoors with like-minded people. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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June and motorhome days out are now possible

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

June and whilst it’s not yet permitted to spend nights away from home in our motorhomes it is now possible to use them for days out. For our Tour Directors Nurcan and Kevin Griffiths a favourite day trip spot for them is Burghley House. Set in a large rural area near to the lovely town of Stamford, Burghley House offers lots of good parking with the ability to picnic next to your motorhome.  Whilst the facilities of Burghley House (restaurant, café & toilets) remain closed the extensive grounds are fully open, with plenty of walks available including in to Stamford town centre.

Burghley House June 2020

In planning a motorhome day out give thought to where and on what day you will travel. Avoiding weekends makes everywhere quieter and more relaxed, also ensure there is ideal motorhome parking available at your destination. Prepare the motorhome prior to leaving for the day; add water to the freshwater tank, pack the required food for the day and most importantly have the motorhome toilet ready for use. There are very few (if any) public toilets open, but the advantage of taking the motorhome out for a day trip is to be totally self-sufficient. A day out with the motorhome is not only beneficial for you but also good for the van, giving it a drive and through using it, checking everything remains in good working order ready for your next holiday.

The next GB Motorhome Tours are now the Autumn trips; all tours prior to the summer have unfortunately had to be cancelled. All those with pre-summer bookings have been fully refunded or had their bookings transferred to alternative tours. For the Autumn tours we remain positive and hopeful these can all proceed. The situation across Europe is being monitored and with Europe opening up for a summer season GB Motorhome Tours is watching developments very closely. Regular contact is also maintained with all our European suppliers to obtain first-hand information from them. With access to this and in seeing how the summer season progresses, quality information will be available to base decisions on for each of the Autumn tours. Email updates will be sent to all those with bookings prior to any balance payments becoming due.

Looking a little further ahead, thought is now also being given to the winter months. Two tours are already in place covering December and the New Year period. Take a look at the Magical Amsterdam Christmas Lights tour for a wonderful pre-Christmas get away and the Switzerland for New Year tour for a memorable way to welcome in 2021 and to start the New Year. For January onwards, and an alternatively to winter holidaying, motorhomers wanting to escape the cold have for many years been joining our Canary Islands tour. This trip offers 10 weeks of touring in summer like conditions from January to March. Located approximately 800 miles further south than Spain, there really is nowhere else in Europe that such good weather can be found at this time of year other than the Canary Islands. Whilst this tour was not scheduled to feature in our programme for this coming winter, with the amount of touring time everyone has lost this spring we are currently working on the possibility of arranging a variation of the Canary Islands tour for next January to March. This new tour is likely to have a ‘lighter touch’ than our usual Canaries tour, with a number of items within the tour being optional, to give a high degree of flexibility for tour participants to choose for themselves how much they would like to join in whilst away. This will also enable those having previously completed the tour to again enjoy the key elements of touring in the Canaries over the winter, most notably the good weather and the social company of likeminded motorhomers, whilst choosing how many excursions they would like to join.

If you would like to register your interest in the possibility of a place on a Canary Islands trip for this winter, send us a simple email and this will be done for you. As the tour is finalised you will then be emailed the full details in advance of them being made generally available, giving you first opportunity of reserving a place on the trip should you so wish at that time.

Motorhoming in February on the Canary Islands

Back to current times, as of now (mid-June) the Norfolk outdoor motorhome show remains scheduled to take place. This is planned for the weekend of 24-26 July at the Norwich county showground. GB Motorhome Tours are booked to attend and will do so if the event can go ahead. Information and updates on the show can be obtained by clicking on the logo below at any time.

On from Norfolk GB Motorhome Tours are booked to be at the Peterborough (31 July – 2 August) and Malvern (14 – 16 August) shows and we’ll keep you updated on these in future newsletters.

Whilst touring remains on hold for the time being, we hope it is not too long before we can again be escorting and travelling with you to great places. Until that time keep healthy, enjoy some days out and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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May and the weather remains good

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

May and the UK’s weather remains good for the most part. Whilst being in ‘lockdown’ the dry weather seems to have encouraged many motorhomers to tackle their gardens in a way not seen for many years – usually motorhomers are too busy travelling at this time of year to be doing their own gardens. However, for the majority we are the lucky ones to have this outdoor space to spend time in whilst awaiting when we can next travel.

Whilst there remains no certainty when travel will once again return to normal, there are strong signs across Europe that countries wish to work together to create a condition where travel again becomes possible for this summer. Some of the south Mediterranean countries are planning to open their tourist facilities from June onwards. Croatia and Greece are particularly ahead of others in this, not least helped by having had very low instances of Coronavirus within their own countries. GB Motorhome Tours continues to monitor all aspects of Coronavirus including keeping in regular contact with supplier’s all across Europe to have first-hand information of the local conditions in each country. Without doubt travelling in our own motorhomes will be one of the safest forms of travel for some time to come. For now we must remain patient as developments are monitored for when it will become safe and sensible for us to once again run tours.

All who have tour bookings for this spring have been contacted individually with updates on their tours. For Autumn tours it remains too early to have a clear picture of how things may be at that time. As information becomes available for each of the Autumn tours contact will be made with all tour participants updating them of any developments or changes to their tours. We will be watching very closely the progresses over the summer months to assess any impact these may have on the planned Autumn tours, along with looking at any additional tours we can arrange for later this year.

A number of tours for next year are now on our website and these are all available to make bookings for. Places remaining on some tours are becoming limited with the Cyprus and More tour now fully booked for next year. If there is anything you would like to ask about any of the 2021 tours feel free to email us, we are always happy to answer any questions.

Since the start of the Coronavirus crisis our thoughts have often been with those dealing with the situation first hand and personally. The medical staff, the key workers and those loosing someone close to them. Very sadly, we too, just over a week ago, have lost someone very close to all of us at GB Motorhome Tours, with the passing of Alan Douglas. Being members of our Tour Directors team Chris and Alan Douglas are well known by many motorhomers through leading motorhome tours over many years. They have also become close friends of many customers. Our sincere thoughts are with Chris and her family at this very sad time, whilst we also very deeply feel the loss of a great colleague and friend. Alan was someone who appreciated facilitating others in having fun whilst at the same time also enjoying himself. He was up for most things and would often lead these from the front.

Alan Douglas showing the way

Whilst a photo never lies, sometimes when put together by professional photographers, maybe not all is as it first appears? Alan would not have allowed you to believe anything different however! Thank you to Phillip Lawson and Janet Edwards who provided this photo from their GB tour in Hungary with Chris and Alan. A tribute page to Alan has been added to our website enabling those who would like to say some words to do so. The page can be viewed at any time using the link If you would like to add to the page, please send it in a reply to this email and we’ll include this for you.

Whilst presently not getting your motorhome onto the road as much as normal do take time to start and run the engine for a reasonable period every couple of weeks, this keeps all engine components rotating freely and well lubricated. Also if possible move the motorhome forwards or backwards by half a tyre rotation to change the weight of the van to a different point on the tyres. These measures will help ensure your motorhome is in good shape for when we can all get touring again.

Until that time take good care of yourself.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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April and the UK’s early Spring weather is good

Dear Fellow Motorhomer,

April and the UK’s early Spring weather is good. Whilst being in ‘lockdown’ does not allow travel at these times, having lots of spring sunshine at home is very welcome.

Coronavirus continues to dominate and influence all travel plans. GB Motorhome Tours is monitoring the situation very closely, both in general terms and with how this is changing in specific locations across Europe; for the impact it is having on tours due to start soon and the impact it could have on tours for later in the year. The UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office travel advice is a major source of information in this process, along with information received from our suppliers in all countries across Europe. Email updates are being sent to all customers with tour bookings as information becomes available relating to their tour and these will continue until normal travel is resumed.

All of us at GB Motorhome Tours appreciate how much our motorhome holidays are looked forward to and the disappointment that comes should a tour be cancelled. GB Motorhome Tours has never cancelled a tour previously for any reason, but this is now something that has been taken out of our control. Our Greece 2020 tours would have started this week but for this year have had to be cancelled. Where GB Motorhome Tours are forced to cancel a tour we are all committed to trying to offer alternative holiday options around the same time. For the Greece tour, it is not possible to travel anywhere at present, so the tour has been rearranged for next year. All from this years trip have been offered a place for next year.

Coastal driving on the Greece tours

If you would like to be in Greece at this time next year the Greece 2021 tours are available to view and book on our website. Bookings for all the 2021 tours listed on our website remain open and GB Motorhome Tours will continue to process these for you. Further tours will be added to the 2021 programme as time goes on. Currently capacity is being retained in 2021 to fit in any further tours from 2020 that could have changes forced upon them.

Three weeks ago all tour participants from our winter Canary Islands tour arrived safely back to the UK and have remained well since returning home. Some tour participants reviews from the trip.

‘What can we say it really was a fantastic tour – the group meals superb, all our fellow travellers very kind, Kevin and Nurcan went above all to help us. Thanks to all.’ Brian and Barbara Fletcher – Canary Islands – Jan/Mar 2020

‘We did this trip 4 years ago and we decided to do it again in 2020. It was still excellent. Kevin and Nurcan are the ideal leaders, so well organised. It was a shame the holiday had to be cut short because of Coronavirus but Kevin and Nurcan got us through it. We have lots of wonderful memories, had many laughs and made some very good friends. Can’t wait for the next.’ Wendy & Bob Usher – Canary Islands – Jan/Mar 2020

‘A fantastic tour with a great group of people. The organisation, support and professionalism provided by Kevin and Nurcan throughout the entire tour was exceptional but especially when we had to make a speedy exodus to get home before Gran Canaria was completely locked down. It is difficult to highlight one particular trip as they were all excellent in their own way, but for us the drive over the mountains in Gran Canaria will stay with us for ever.’ Graham & Margaret Smithies – Canary Islands – Jan/Mar 2020

Drive over the mountains in Gran Canaria

On the return journey from the Canary Islands our Tour Directors came across another instance of a new Fiat motorhome having been supplied with an incorrect spare wheel. This is the third time we have seen this so it is worth having a look at yours, also check if you have a Peugeot or Citron based motorhome as they share the same wheels. If your motorhome has the following 16 inch alloy wheels fitted,

the spare wheel is likely to be in steel and needs to be black in colour (with a stud pattern of 5×118 PCD) to fit your motorhome. The ones we are seeing are silver (with a stud pattern 5×130 PCD) and come from the Ducato heavy chassis which has a larger stud spacing pattern (PCD of 130mm compared to the required 118mm). These wheels are not interchangeable and do not fit the alternative chassis. Pictured below are the two so you can see which steel wheel will fit as a spare for the above alloy wheel.


Have a check of yours and if it is not correct, speak with your motorhome dealer to get it changed. Do this before you find out the hard way that you have the wrong one when trying to change a roadside puncture. This situation does not affect 15 inch wheels, only those of 16 inch. Further reading on the issue can be found at

This weekend would have seen the start of the Peterborough Motorhome Show. Whilst this event cannot  take place, it has been postponed rather than cancelled. The show’s re-arranged dates are 31 July – 2 August and GB Motorhome Tours have retained their stand at the event and will be attending, so do put it in your diary and come along to see us.

In these unprecedented times it is worth remembering that being a tour operator who fully embraces the 1992 Package Tour Regulations all money paid to GB Motorhome Tours is completely protected. This means that should your tour have to be cancelled by GB Motorhome Tours all money paid directly in relation to that tour is fully secured and refundable. Whilst we have no wish to cancel tours it is important to know that should it be necessary your money is safe.

All of us at GB Motorhome Tours remain well and ready to travel again as soon as circumstances allow. In the meantime keep yourself well and we’ll look forward to escorting you & your motorhome to many more great places very soon, and for many more years to come.

Kindest regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Liz & Dave, Cheryl & John

Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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