February and the sun is shinning for some motorhomers

Dear Fellow Motorhomers,

Happy valentines week and whilst the weather in the UK has not been too great, for those lucky enough to be motorhoming on our winter Canary Islands tour the opposite is true. Now entering the second month of the tour the weather has been good throughout with dry sunny days. Perfect for relaxing around, taking a swim and for enjoying the many excursions included in the tour; it’s difficult to believe you can enjoy your own motorhome in such great weather at this time of year. Spaces for next years Canary Islands tour are now available for reserving on our website.

Motorhoming in Tenerife 10/02/2018

If you’re wishing to soon get your motorhome moving one of our spring tours could be for you. Our Majestic Mosel & RhineAustrian Alps and Emerald Ireland tours, are all exciting possibilities.

All 2018 tours plus many for 2019 are available to view on our website, additionally we have just made available an e-brochure for 2018 which can be downloaded and saved to any of your devices giving easy access to all tour information at any time, including off-line. Click on this e-brochure link and select download & save to have it on your laptop, tablet, iPad or telephone.

For the end of 2018, to celebrate the arrival of the New-Year in style we have arranged a completely new tour. Leaving the UK just after Christmas the tour is based in the stunning winter Swiss Alps region of Bernese Oberland which includes the popular winter resorts of Wengen-Kleine Scheidegg and Mürren-Schilthorn. We celebrate New Year’s Eve Swiss Style with dinner and wine, then have a relaxed program of events arranged over the next 9 days with something to suit everyone. We will have excursions, group meals and of course participate in some Après Ski Events, click for the full tour itinerary – Switzerland for New Year 2018/19.

Whilst away in your motorhome remember that since last July mobile phone companies have no longer been able to impose roaming charges for using your phone whilst travelling in other EU countries or countries with economic ties to the EU. This means you can use your phone for calls, text messages and internet use for the same price as using it within the UK. If you have inclusive minutes, messages and data within a monthly contract these apply in Europe so you can call, text and use the internet without any additional charges. This is very useful for keeping in touch and for accessing the internet all from the comfort of your own motorhome.

For anything you would like to ask about our tours always feel free to contact us and we look forward to escorting you to great places throughout 2018 and beyond.

Kindest Regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Sue & Eddie, Liz & Dave
Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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January and we head to warmer climates

Dear Fellow Motorhomers,

Happy New Year to you and we look forward to many great motorhome travels in 2018. Our tour programme for 2018 is already underway with our Canary Islands tour group departing from the UK travelling to southern Spain in preparation for the ferry crossing to the warm winter climates of Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera & Gran Canaria. Following closely behind will be our February winter escape to the south of France for the Cote d ‘Azur tour. With tours then running through the year to December it shows motorhome travel really can be an all year round activity.

Where would you like to travel with your motorhome? Each flag below represents a destination covered by GB Motorhome Tours.

All 2018 tours can be viewed on our website with full itineraries available to read and download, tour bookings can be made directly on the website or by telephoning us. Remember all tours include group excursions with transport, a number of group meals, services of our Tour Directors travelling with the tour in their own motorhome, full printed tour information pack, all GPS co-ordinates for your Sat Nav and of course all campsite fees. Additionally, complete flexibility for you to decide to meet us at the start of the tour, which will be in/near the country of destination or to have everything arranged for you all the way from the UK by including our ‘optional travel from UK package’. Within this package is included additional campsite nights between the UK and the start of the tour, your fully flexible return channel ferry crossing with entry to the ships Club Lounge and the services of our Tour Directors travelling with you from the UK.

Whilst 2018 is just getting under way, for those who like to plan ahead and ensure they get a place on our most popular tours we’ve now made a number of 2019 tours available to view and book on the website. Places on tours are restricted to around 15 motorhomes and many of our tours become fully booked so as you decide which tour(s) you would like to join it’s better to make a reservation at that point. You may book ahead in the confidence of knowing your tour will never be available cheaper than the price you pay; we guarantee the price you pay is the lowest the tour will ever be offered for.

If it is going to be a while before you next get away and your motorhome will be left unused for a period over winter, consider parking it with the internal doors and cupboards left open to allow air to freely circulate in all areas. Likewise for the fridge door, leave this open to keep the inside of your fridge nice and fresh. If it’s safe to do so, also park the vehicle in gear with the handbrake off to prevent the brake becoming seized during a period of inactivity.

We look forward to seeing you throughout 2018 and if there is anything you wish to ask about any of our tours feel free to contact us at any stage, we are always happy to help.

Kindest Regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Sue & Eddie, Liz & Dave
Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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December and Christmas is just around the corner

Dear Fellow Motorhomers,

With Christmas just around the corner from all of us at GB Motorhome Tours we wish you a Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2018.

Thank you for travelling with us during 2017 where over the past 12 months around 300,000 motorhome miles have been driven on GB Motorhome Tours, with 4,500 motorhome nights spent on 150 different campsites in 16 various countries; From Iceland & the Faroe Islands in the far north to Spain & Greece in the south, from Portugal in the west across to Romania & Bulgaria in the east. Also in-between – France, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy & Hungary.

For next year we add to the list with our Canary Islands;  Austrian Alps;  Poland;  Czech, Slovakia & Hungary;  Croatian Highlights,  Sicily  and  Emerald Irelandtours all taking place, itineraries for these can be viewed by clicking on their name.

Epernay in Champagne – 9th December 2017

Our last tour for 2017 finished just this week with guests returning back from a French Christmas Extravaganza which saw them spend time in two of Frances most prestigious locations – Paris and Epernay in Champagne. Throughout the time away mostly dry weather was enjoyed, resulting in plenty of sightseeing in Paris and dry evenings for the Epernay ‘Habits de Lumiere’ – a fantastic champagne sponsored procession of illuminated floats followed by a large fireworks display timed perfectly to classical music.

As we approach the Christmas period, apart from bank holidays, our office will be open to answer any questions or assist with any tour reservations you wish to make so feel free to contact us by email or telephone. With a number of our 2018 tours becoming fully booked the festive season is an ideal time to make your plans for next year’s holidays, and for those holding loyalty discount vouchers from this year’s tours remember these remain valid for any 2018 reservations made before the end of this year..

Our next available tour and a perfect winter escape is to the Cote d’Azur & Carnivals in February for which we have tickets reserved for entrance to two of the main carnival events that take place along the chic French coast at this time of year. As well as the carnivals the tour includes excursions to Monte Carlo, the Gallimard perfume factory and the loop gorge, along with a number of group meals and the good possibility of winter sunshine to enjoy.

Back at home during the damper months of winter, motorhome manufacturers recommend owners remove cushions and bedding from their motorhomes and store indoors. Often the practicalities of doing this are not easy, so a simpler alternative can be to periodically run a de-humidifier inside the motorhome to keep moisture levels low. Also doing this for 24 hours before taking the motorhome out on a winter trip can be particular useful to ensure you set out in a cosy dry van.

Have a great festive season and we look forward to seeing you in 2018.

Kindest Regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Sue & Eddie, Liz & Dave
Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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November and the arrival of the darker nights is getting closer

Dear Fellow Motorhomers,

November and the arrival of the darker nights is getting closer, however it’s not necessary to hibernate your motorhome and using it is an excellent way of keeping it in good shape throughout the cooler months.

GB Motorhome Tours have three trips taking place over winter; whilst our French Christmas Extravaganza tour and Canary Islands tour are now fully booked for this winter, there is still the possibility of joining our February Cote d’Azur & Carnivals tour for which we have tickets reserved for tour participants to two of the main events that take place along the chic French coast at this time of year. As well as the carnivals the tour includes excursions to Monte Carlo, the Gallimard perfume factory and the loop gorge, along with a number of group meals to enjoy.

Recently we received an email from Gordon & Maureen Greetham who over many years have travelled extensively with GB Motorhome Tours, in 2008 Gordon celebrated his 80thbirthday on the very first night of our Turkish Delight tour, they wrote:

“Maureen and I would first like to thank you for sending us the ongoing newsletters of GB Motorhome Tours.  Although we are both limited by our age now we still keep active with our latest motorhome in the UK, but are always left with the desire to travel in Europe, having said that we have so many unforgettable memories from our adventures with ‘GB’. In our latter years touring Europe, visiting places that we never thought would have been possible.  Our greatest achievement was our tour of Turkey, and still love it when talking to fellow motorhomers about our GB Motorhome Tours travels when they say  “you went there with a motorhome“ !!!
Best wishes to all the ‘GB’ team and thank you for providing us with all the great holidays & adventures we have had over the years with you.”

For those looking to join a tour and not wishing to travel so far for next year, our Emerald Ireland 2018 tour is now available. This has been fully researched again this year with many great places included for you to enjoy; its full itinerary is now available on our website or by clicking the name above and the tour includes excursions to Belfast with the Titanic Experience, Giant’s Causeway, Bushmills Distillery, Ring of Kerry, Blarney Castle, Cork City and of course Dublin. Reservations for the tour can be made on the GB Motorhome Tours website or by telephoning us.

Before then whilst travelling throughout the winter in your motorhome an issue to deal with when moving on after a cold night can often be condensation on the inside of the windscreen. A way of clearing this is to run the motorhome engine and have the cabs heater blow warm air on it, this can be time consuming and frustrating to neighbouring campers. An alternative is to carry a compact electric fan heater and place this on the dashboard around 20 minutes before departure, switch on and allow its hot air to blow onto the screen. By changing the direction of the heater periodically you’ll have a completely clear and dry windscreen ready for your departure.

If you’ve enjoyed reading our newsletter click here to forward this one to a friend.  to also enjoy. Happy winter motorhoming and we look forward to escorting you and your motorhome to many great places in the near future.

Kindest Regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Sue & Eddie, Liz & Dave
Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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October and our winter tours start


Dear Fellow Motorhomers,

October and our Autumn tours come to an end with the finish of our Romania and Bulgaria tour just a few days ago. As the tour participants make their way back across central Europe some customer comments from the tour

“A fantastic exploration of a part of the world we might not otherwise have ventured into without the expertise of our tour guides. Thank you!” Bridget Holmes and Paul Newbery

A memorable mix – seeing some major sights plus an interesting insight into the lifestyles of the local people. A fascinating glimpse behind the former ‘Iron Curtain’” Ann & John Edwards

‘“Another truly memorable tour. If you want to experience the culture and history of Romania and Bulgaria this tour is a must for you” Cheryl and Roy Clark

“Never eaten so well on a camping tour and thanks for all your help” Lesley and Patrick Robinson 

06/10/2017 – Coffee break en-route in rural Bulgaria during GB Motorhome Tours Romania & Bulgaria 2017 tour

GB Motorhome Tours now move to the Winter tour program and have three great tours taking place over the coming months. Before Christmas is our luxurious week long French Christmas Extravaganza to Paris and Epernay, including dinner in two great French restaurants as well as an evening tour of Paris and 2 nights at the famous Epernay Festival where the towns champagne houses open up their cellars for tours and tastings. There are now just a couple of places remaining for this tour.

February and the Cote d’Azur tour offers the perfect opportunity of a quick winter escape to the south of France in search of winter sunshine whilst enjoying the best of the Nice Carnivals, along with excursions to Monte Carlo, the Loup Gorge and the Gallimard Perfumery. Bookings for this tour are still possible.

Our other winter tour, departing in January is the 70 night trip of the Canary Islands where winter sunshine is almost guaranteed. This tour is now fully booked for 2018 but will be running again over the winter of 2019 for which you may register your interest now to receive the itinerary before it is released generally, to do this simply send us an email requesting this.

Many of our 2018 tours now have only a limited number of spaces remaining and 4 are fully booked, with Delightful Denmark becoming full this week. As a tour becomes full we are often contacted to see if it is possible to add one more as somebody was thinking to book a place, however this we do not do. Each tour is limited to a number of motorhomes (usually 15), so to provide a good mix of people travelling whilst at the same time ensuring a high quality is maintained. If there is a tour you are considering, once you have decided then it is better to reserve your place at that time rather than wait and potentially be disappointed. As a tour becomes fully booked you may, if you wish, add your name to the reserve list and we will contact you should a place become available. All our tours can be booked on our website or by telephoning us.

Over the weekend of 3rd – 5th November we are exhibiting at Lowdhams in Nottingham during their NovemberFest weekend, if you are attending the event or are out and about for the day out do come along and see us.

With the cooler temperatures arriving shortly and the risk of some below zero nights, remember to drain all the water from your motorhome including emptying the water heater and hot & cold water systems; so to avoid any damage from freezing. How to do this should be covered in your motorhome habitation manual or if in doubt a quick call to your motorhome dealer and they should be able to guide you.

Happy winter motorhoming.

Kindest Regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Sue & Eddie, Liz & Dave
Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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September is a very popular time for motorhome travel


Dear Fellow Motorhomers,

September is a very popular time for motorhome travel and GB Motorhome Tours have 60+ motorhomes travelling with them throughout the month enjoying continental tours. The first of these the ‘Rhine in Flames’ tour has just come to an end with one of the tour highlights being a wonderful evening cruise along the River Rhine to experience the night sky come alive with fireworks. Some customer comments from the tour

‘A good tour with excellent leaders, wonderful food, wine and beer. Great locations along the way added to the enjoyment’ – Sue and Derek Davies

‘Another sociable trip with GB Motorhome Tours, enjoyed the scenery and the company’ – Andy and Jackie Kitchin.

Another interesting and enjoyable trip. Many thanks to Sue and Eddie for their efforts in leading a successful tour’ – Carol and Stuart May

September is also a popular time for planning next year’s holidays; our full programme of tours for the coming 12 months is summarised at the end of this newsletter for you, and each tour itinerary is available by clicking on its name. All tours include group excursions with local tour guide & transport built-in, quality group meals, the services of our Tour Directors travelling with the tour, a comprehensive tour pack and of course all campsite fees.

For all tours you have the choice of meeting near the country of destination, or by including our ‘optional travel from UK with Tour Directors package’ have everything arranged for you; including a fully flexible Cross Channel ferry ticket with entry to the ships club lounge included.

Bookings for any tour can be made on our website or by telephone, and at any stage if there is anything you would like to ask about a tour feel free to contact us.

Saturday 16/09/2017 – Camping in Transylvania on GB Motorhome Tours trip in Romania & Bulgaria where tour participants are enjoying 29 degrees sunshine

For some return home camping the all new Calais Campsite and motorhome Aire has recently opened. The campsite is a completely new venue with modern toilet & shower blocks including washing machines, and each pitch is well sized & fully hedged. Cost of the campsite is currently €18 with electric hook-up. The Aire is located next to the campsite and offers pitches of good length and 1½ motorhomes width, which is generous by Aire standards. Entry to the Aire is controlled by a credit card barrier and the cost is currently €10 per night plus €2 for 100L of fresh water. The campsite is open April through to October and the Aire all year round. Both are located at Camping Le Grand Gravelot, 275 Rue D’Asfeld, Calais, 62100, France with GPS co-ordinates N 50.95944  E 1.83250.

Enjoy the remainder of your September and we look forward to seeing you on a tour in the near future.

Kindest Regards,

Nurcan & Kevin, Sue & Ron, Chris & Alan, Sue & Eddie
Your GB Motorhome Tours Team
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August and the summer is moving on

Dear Fellow Motorhomers,

Whilst the season is moving on the weather of this last week has been far from summer at times, we feel for those away on holidays within the UK at present and are thankful most of our touring is done on the continent. If you would like to get away soon have a look at our three September tours featured at the bottom of this newsletter

Our Discover Iceland tour has recently come to an end which included a 3-day stopover in the Faroe Islands on route back to Denmark. The Faroes surprised all on the tour with their beauty and the peacefulness of a country with just 48,000 inhabitants spread over 15 islands. Some customer feedback from the tour (more…)

July and summer holidays are here

Dear Fellow Motorhomers,

With school holidays just around the corner the summer is a time when many of us do not use our motorhomes as much. At GB Motorhome Tours it’s a time when we don’t usually run tours, preferring to leave European campsites free to families taking their annual holidays. This year is slightly different with our Discover Iceland tour currently taking place. Being this far north, summer is the only time for a tour of this fascinating island, and at this time of year Iceland enjoys 24 hours of daylight. Below is a photo of the group pitched in Akureyri Campsite – Akureyri is Iceland’s second largest city with a population of 18,000. The photo was taken at midnight with the sun shinning on the hills in the background.
Midnight Iceland

Over the last few weeks our Italian Lakes & Gardens, All About Alsace and Sensational Slovenia tours have all come to an end with participants now returning home, some comments from those on the tours. (more…)

June can be a good time to motorhome

Dear Fellow Motorhomers,

It’s June, the sun has been shinning this week and we have long light nights – a lovely combination for being away in your motorhome.

At GB Motorhome Tours we are often asked why we visit certain countries at a particular time of year, almost always the answer is the same – to enjoy all of the above whilst on tour. We visit the Mediterranean countries early spring or late autumn, the central European countries spring to summer and the Canary Islands over the winter.

Our spring Undiscovered Spain & Portugal tour has recently returned to the UK, from this are some customer reviews

Travelling with GB Motorhome Tours isn’t only a holiday, it is also an adventure.  The Spain and Portugal Tour was no exception with visits to inspirational places, delicious local meals and ending at an amazing high point of 1,000 metres at Fuente-De in the Picos de Europas.
Peter & Sue Drake

Thank you, GB Motorhome Tours, for another amazing trip with Chris and Alan who were again excellent tour directors.  Everything was extremely well organised and we saw and did so much and look forward to another tour with you in the future. Mike & Lavinia George

Sorico on Lake Como taken this week on our Italian Lakes & Gardens tour (more…)

May – Its beginning to feel like summer should be here

Dear Fellow Motorhomers,

May and it’s beginning to feel like summer should be here soon. For those on our early spring tours summer has certainly arrived, with both the Greece and Spain/Portugal tour groups enjoying lot’s of warm sunshine.
Our Greece tour has already finished as temperature this far south begin to get hotter than most motorhomers comfortably enjoy.

From this tour some customers comments –

‘As first timers we did not know what to expect of an escorted tour. Highlight followed highlight; campsites, group meals, excursions, local knowledge, ‘off the cuff’ tips were all handled with the utmost efficiency. We would not hesitate to travel far afield again, in absolute confidence, with GB Motorhome Tours.’ –  Margaret & Joe Ratcliffe 

‘This Greece trip was our fourth, we saw a lot, learnt a lot, enjoyed a lot and laughed a lot. For newcomers to GB Motorhome Tours – once you have tried one you will want to do more! On this tour most people were booking next years tours before they fill up’ – Tom & Eileen Reston

Looking ahead to next year our 2018 tour programme is now complete, it’s available to view in full on our website and a summary follows. Already some tours have attracted a lot of interest and are getting close to becoming fully booked. All tours are available to book online or by telephone, and as always if there is anything you wish to ask about a tour feel free to contact us, we are always happy to answer any questions. (more…)