About GB Motorhome Tours

Between us, we’ve been creating, organising and leading escorted motorhome tours throughout Europe and beyond for over 30 years. We love what we do and we are the largest escorted motorhome tour company in the UK, however with everyone involved within GB Motorhome Tours still leading tours we never loose sight of what’s important to you. We think that makes us pretty unique as it means we only offer realistic, enjoyable tours that give you a real insight into your chosen destination.

Choose from a wide range of escorted European tours from one week up to three months. And with some of our tours going beyond Europe you can decide on your level of adventure.

Our Tour Directors build on the friendly camaraderie that exists between motorhomers, a shared coffee with a neighbour that lasts into the evening with a meal together. Many friendships are made on tours that continue a lifetime.

Top 5 reasons to choose a GB Motorhome Tour

  1. All our escorted tours are created by people who have many years experience leading European motorhome tours. Every tour is well organised and fully researched with campsites visited and excursions tested personally.
  2. The excursion programme will ensure you see and learn about  places of interest whilst also allowing you time to explore for yourselves.
  3. Your tour directors (2 per tour in their own motorhome) will help ensure the smooth running of the tour, lead you to your next continental location if required and suggest places to visit on free days.
  4. You will receive a tour pack before you leave home which includes suggested routes, campsite details, GPS co-ordinates and lots of useful information for travel on the continent.
  5. GB Motorhome Tours Ltd is a tour operator that offers financial security and full protection for your money in accordance with the 1992 Package Tour regulations so that you can book your tour in full confidence that your money will be safe.

For you to choose…

Escorted motorhome tours are the perfect way to experience the freedom your motorhome offers you, but with the support of experienced Tour Directors.

  • We offer all tour participants on continental tours (subject to any local restrictions) the opportunity to travel with the Tour Directors if they wish. This is a day by day decision so if you start out the tour travelling with the Tour Director you may change to travelling independently later. This is particularly useful as a way of building confidence especially when linked to our travel from UK with Tour Directors package, meaning you are escorted from leaving the UK. Others choose to travel with the Tour Director for the companionship that comes from travelling in a group particularly at coffee stops along the way. Whatever the reasons the choice is always yours.
  • Most tours commence and terminate at various locations in Europe with an optional package for those wishing to start from the UK, giving you the flexibility to choose where you would like to join. Where you choose the optional package, we include a flexible return Dover/Calais ferry crossing with Club Class lounge and all campsites going out, plus the services of our Tour Directors travelling with you from the UK.

For your peace of mind…

  • We take away the stress and strain by making all the arrangements for you so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday – you can safely explore a new country or area
  • Our Tour Directors are with you every day, so if anything unforeseen takes place – illness, vehicle breakdown etc., they are on hand to give help and support
  • Upon arrival on site your camping pitch is waiting for you. We collate all check-in information and forward this to each campsite in advance of your arrival so you should not face a registration processes