2023 Tours


2023 TOURS

Jan/Mar – Canary Islands (70 nights)

April/MayGreece (34 nights)

May – French Loire Valley (15 nights)

May/June – Sardinia (21 nights)

May/June – Southern Ireland (16 nights)

May/June – Western Turkey (41 nights)

June – Scotland Highlands (21 nights)

Aug/Sept – Croatia (27 nights)

September – Rhine in Flames (12 nights)

September – Swiss Magic (20 nights)

September – Romantic Strasse (14 nights)

Sept/Nov – Cyprus and More (50 nights)

December – Wonderful Christmastime (8 nights)

Dec 23/Jan 24 – Scottish Hogmanay (10 nights)

If you would like to register your interest in any 2023 tours that are yet to be released on the GB Motorhome Tours website, send us an email with the tours you are interested in and this will be done for you. Once the full itinerary for that tour is then completed, it will be emailed to you in advance of it being made generally available, giving you first opportunity of requesting a place on the tour at that time, if you so wish.